There was a time when I couldn’t figure out how a basically happy, optimistic and contented person like me could feel so suddenly depressed or heavy or ill, especially when I’d been having an otherwise better-than-okay day. Now I know.

It’s those negative energies that not only build up inside us but can surround our bodies and fill our spaces with clouds of negatively charged ions.

We’ll explore how to get rid of them in another post.

For now, allow me to limit this post to discussing negative energies that affect us at a personal level. In other words, negative energies we create ourselves (knowingly, as well as unconsciously) and negative energies generated primarily by other humans that affect and infiltrate us.

There seems to be no lack of ability for the majority of us to create our own internal storehouse of negative energies. We create them any time our thoughts, words, deeds and behaviors are less than positive.

I don’t know about you but try as I might I can’t completely rid myself of thinking or uttering unkind words from time to time or wallowing in moments of self-pity and low esteem. I believe that over the years I’ve become less critical of myself and others. But slip up I do. And more regularly than I’d like to admit.

Adding to what we muster up all on our own are the unreleased energies we’ve absorbed from others. Problem is, we are often slow to acknowledge when we’ve been zapped and slower still in taking conscious action to release them.

With acknowledgment comes responsibility. And it can be oh so hard at times to remember that we are in charge of our thoughts. And oh so easy to slip into victim mode. To blame others for our troubles, for our moods, for our inability to take action. And, most stifling of all, for our inability to believe that any action we take can result in positive outcomes.

Activating YeastDuring readings, the intuitive symbol my guides often show me when someone is holding onto a lot of negative energy inside is a bowl of rising bread dough. How far the yeasty dough has risen can indicate how close they are to rupturing from the pressure.



Or how depleted they feel if the dough has been punched down so hard and too often that it now has no sign of any active yeast left that would allow it to rise again of its own accord.


(Notice how my guides take advantage of my cooking experience when creating what amounts to intuitive shortcuts to understanding. 🙂 Work with your own guides to develop your own intuitive shorthand.)

Why not take some time to examine any negative energies you might have lingering inside.

Where did they come from?

Were they internally generated by negative thoughts, words, deeds, or behaviors?

Do you have pockets of unreleased negative energies absorbed from others?

Are you ready to take responsibility for them?

In other words, are you ready to do what is within your power to flush them from your physical, emotional and spiritual system? Are you ready to make room for more positive energies to fill you like a warm, fragrant yeasty bread dough rising to its full and delectable potential.

In a future post, we’ll explore other external sources of negative energy.
Please take a moment to share your questions, experiences, as well as what has worked for you in helping recognize and release negative energies.

  • I think your article makes a lot of sense. I have negative feelings a lot about things i cannot change and feel compelled to blame myself for that. I should take resource in the fact that I am alive another day to change whomever i can (if I want that) and change myself in the right direction. I am a child of God and i will try everyday to live up to that wonderful fact. God is so good. Thanks, Kat for that… judy

    • Glad you found the article helpful, Judy. Have you tried my 10 Step Meditation Negative Energy Scan and Release? I find that so helpful. Have been doing it daily for about 10 years now. I’d be happy to help lead you through it the first time in a free phone session. Let me know. Just send my a private message.

  • If you’ve never practiced meditations that help release negative energy from yourself, you may be quite shocked at what you feel happening as you do a negativity release. I had never even heard of such a thing until I went to Kat’s Intuition class she taught at the Tech Center. It was the coolest yet weirdest thing I had ever felt as the energies were leaving your body and you could feel your hands tingling. I still do the negativity meditation that she taught and I’ve come to find that I do not have as much negativity held inside as I do not practice the meditation twice a day anymore.
    I think that this would be a great thing for others to do that may have negativity coming from all places in their lives as I have had.
    Thanks Kat!!

  • Kathy, I’ve been reading from “The Untehtered Soul” and it talks about how all we need to do is feel the energy, positive or negative as long as we release it right away and not save it up to spoil the next cake 🙂

  • Hi Kathy…love the bread baking symbol! Your guides are very creative…I expect they all are….we just need to pay attention.

    I agree with you on the negative energy…and how it builds and how we hold on to it. A big thing that has helped me is meditation…I use a system that helps me maintain a coherent energy field…and over the years has been life changing.
    Thanks for an interesting post.

  • Hi Celeste. I agree that our guides are very creative. Thank you for stopping by and sharing a comment. And for the awesome video and your own recent article about the benefits of releasing negative energies. Letting go of anger, pain and emotional hurt is often the hardest of all negative energies to let go. Yet they are also the ones that hold us back.

  • Hey Kathy,

    I can relate to that because I use to tell myself all the time, how come I’m one of the most positive people you’ll ever meet yet things keep happening to me.

    I didn’t understand the process back in those days and although I too am not perfect I’ve come a very long way. This seldom is an issue with me anymore.

    Now I wish I could learn to talk to my spirit guides through other methods then my pendulum. Yep, I can only get a yes, no or a maybe from them because I haven’t learned how to really “listen” to them. See, that’s part of what I’m still learning.

    Will look forward to that post where you share how to get rid of the negative energies. I know that post will help a lot of people as well.


    • Hi Adrienne,
      Thanks for sharing. A pendulum is wonderful energy tool to help measure and interpret our energy. They can be hard for some people to use, though, because of expectations of the pendulum providing answers. In reality, my opinion anyway, a pendulum is helping show a visual image of the energy being measured.

      I’m putting together a brand new freebie package that will include more info about recognizing and releasing negative energies. In the meantime, you might want to check out this post: 10 Step Meditation to Release Negative Energy


      Let me know if you like to chat. Be glad to give you some additional tips for working with your guides.


      • I was just taught how to communicate with my spirit guides through the pendulum and not sure how else to use it. But then again, they’re not always right either so I find that frustrating. You can tell I’m no expert at this either Kathy!

        Thank you for pointing me to that post and I’ll be sure to check it out. I’ll keep that in mind too!


        • Keep practicing with that pendulum, Adrienne, and let your intuition help guide you to additional ways and deeper levels for using it. Did you learn how to verify how to “read” your pendulum before using it each time? Many people assume it should circle one direction for Yes, then the opposite way for No, and still for Uncertain or Need More Info. However, where you are on Earth can affect that. Also everyone’s energy is different, so it’s important to know how your pendulum is responding to you at that time. My pendulum’s “usual” response what’s normally expected. However, my husband’s “usual” is the exact opposite of mine. And a client’s “usual” is different yet.

          I love that you’re interested in developing your intuition. It’s such an incredible, always available, tool that can be used in practical ways every day. In fact, that’s the foundation for an intuition course I teach and am currently creating for a home-study course. It will be debuting later this year along with my new book, Practical Intuition for Business Success: Tips & techniques to Help You Make the Most of Every Day.

          Stay tuned for updates. 🙂

          • I’m not sure how to work with it in any other way then to talk with my guides Kathy. That’s the only way I was taught to use it but I was taught how to read it correctly. That’s the first thing we covered.

            I’ve only really used my intuition for getting a sense of people and of course when I get that “gut” feeling about something I’m always right. I would love to learn more though so will look forward to your course in later this year.



  • Kat, wonderful article. I like what you said about examining those negative feelings lingering inside. This brings up awareness and that’s the first step to pivoting from negative to positive. I always turn to gratitude! It helps me realize all that I do have and turns those negative thoughts around.

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