When your work requires you to write and the reality of facing that blank monitor screen or sheet of paper turns your mind to mush, what do you do?

Some wanna-bee (or need to be) writers find the paralysis so debilitating they resort to food or alcohol or something … anything … in hopes of greasing the mental gears.

And some find that a day or two of melancholy procrastination stretches out across weeks, months, and years until the project dies, stuck in the recesses of a creative mind attached to fingers unwilling to put out a wrong word.

There’s a solution for that

Templates. “Never underestimate the power of a template,” says my guest Tim Maudlin. Discover just how much he loves templates and what they bring to the writing process in today’s Fast Action Fridays interview below. Scroll further for access to Tim’s free template resource.

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More about Tim

Something else Tim loves is T-shirts, not just wearing them (which he frequently does) or hanging them (see the quilt displayed behind him in the video). He loves them because T-shirts can encourage and inspire others.

Says Tim, “I love to encourage and inspire people with my T-Shirts. (T-Shirts are wearable content.) I love to write and create content that inspires.

I’ve gone from T-Shirts that Inspire to Content that Inspires. I call my content Inspire Points. As I created my Inspire Points, I have discovered how much I LOVE templates and what they bring to the writing process.”

Help One = Help Many = Help Many More!

“With my Inspire Points, I try to focus on helping ONE person. I believe helping one person is actually the recipe to helping many,” says Tim.

T-Shirts That Inspire The $89,000 T-Shirt

His love of T-Shirts was inspired by one particular incident involving his two boys and a tornado that swept savagely through his neighborhood. You’ll hear him relay the harrowing story in our interview. But if you’re impatient, head on over to Amazon and check out his book.

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Tim’s mantra is simple:
Do what you can, Where you are, With what you have

Unusual Facts about Tim:

  • When Tim was in elementary school, he and a friend performed a saxophone duet at the Indiana State Fair. On the way to the performance, he met Lawrence Welk in the restaurant of the hotel. Mr. Welk and his orchestra were performing at the fair too. He told Tim to look him up one day.
  • After a tornado destroyed part of his hometown, Tim designed a t-shirt to help raise money for the victims. That one t-shirt raised $89,000.
  • Tim is an architectural Illustrator. He draws buildings before they are built. He has worked on projects all over the world. You might have heard of one his projects, The Mall of America. Tim drew it but has NEVER visited it in person.

“Never Underestimate the Power of a T-Shirt” – Fred Lebow

Get Tim’s Free Resource

  • Click here to access Tim’s free resource:
    3 reasons Why I Love Templates (eBook that includes 9 free templates) Also included in the e-book is the template I used to create all 9 reasons.
  • Other ways to connect with Tim:
    Join his Facebook group by clicking here.

Your Turn

Even the best, most prolific writers occasionally fight bouts of the Blank Screen Paralysis or its predecessor, the dreaded white sheet of paper.

Do you ever suffer from these frustrating conditions? What’s your go-to solution? Have you ever used a template to help you jumpstart the project?

Please share your comments and questions below.

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