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Top on my list to ask back as a Fast Action Fridays guest is my good friend and occasional joint venture and presentation partner, Charlene Burke. Though our personalities and lifestyles are quite different, we jive to similar business mindsets. Plus, we find plenty to chat about because we can find and appreciate both humor and annoyance in the same places. 

In this episode of Fast Action Fridays,  we talked about we can share the same mindset when it comes to productivity yet how we plan, manage, and adjust our habits and behaviors can be very different depending on our personality and preferences. Getting things done is what matters. Regardless of your personality or the type of small business you run, the three tips Charlene shares are relevant and action-oriented. 


A key take away Charlene shared was how our choice of goals can span time ... from a few minutes to a day, a week, or longer. We get to choose. And we also get to adjust our choices as we move along in our busy lives.

Being more productive is a choice. Getting things done is what matters.

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Charlene Burke is founder of Search by Burke and calls herself an Information Professional. She offers research, writing, and professional facilitation services. Since 2008, she has been working with small business owners, organizational development leaders, online business owners, trainers and consultants to find, and make sense of, the data and information they need to create products, attract their ideal customer, and ensure their students and clients implement what they have learned.


She's a writer. Often her clients don't have the time to write content, or quite frankly, don't write well, so she will write content from the research she's done. It's often in the form of articles, eBooks, small reports, buyers guides, and blog posts. Her clients have used this content as lead magnets, give aways, in annual reports, in State of the Industry presentations, and on their website.


She's a productivity and accountability expert. Because she is really good at helping people "Get Things Done," and stay on track with what's important, she has created a Get It Done program specifically for the individual who is practicing their procrastination skills.


She has a background in marketing and engineering, is serious about business and working with clients, and thinks life is better when injected with humor throughout the day. She loves to shoot pool, usually has three to four novels being read at any given time, plays golf now that she knows the difference between an Iron, a Wood and a Driver; thinks Star Trek Voyager is the best one ever, and believes that Superman is better than the Knight in Shining Armor because he can keep up with Wonder Woman.

Fun facts about Charlene:

  • Has backround in marketing and engineering
  • Competitive pool player, plays both 8 ball and 9 ball
  • Competed in a 9 ball Shoot Out in Las Vegas in 2018
  • Avid Sci-Fi fan ... books, tv, movies

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Your Turn ...

Are you feeling productive each day? Or overwhelmed and frustrated? Do you have some tips or techniques of your own that help you stay on track, get things done, and building your business in productive way? Please share below.

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