Margaret Eves

It's always a pleasure to spend time with Margaret reminiscing about favorite family memories, as well as discussing the how sad it is realizing too late we missed learning more about our loved ones' pasts because we never bothered to ask.

In this episode of Fast Action Fridays recorded just before Mother's Day 2019,  we talked about encouraging our moms (and other family) to share interesting tidbits about the people, places, and situations they've experienced.


A key take away Margaret shared was how simply looking at old photos together can inspire memories. Family photos, yearbooks, photos from a place where they lived, even looking at old census records can all trigger stories worth hearing, capturing, and preserving.  

You can't remember and share family stories you never knew happened. Capture and preserve those memories today.

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Margaret Eves is founder of VideoGenealogy.com, where family historians learn how share their research discoveries by making ancestor story videos. VideoGenealogy.com offers online training, books and resources helpful for folks ranging from the genealogy enthusiast to the professional researcher.


Margaret combines her nine years of professional video production experience, eight years as a reference librarian, and over twenty years of genealogy research practice to help people tell stories about their family history so family members can make a personal connection with the experiences and times of their ancestors. Margaret has master’s degrees in library science and mass communications.


Margaret lives near Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two sons. When she’s not digging for photos in online historical archives or watching old movies, she enjoys getting outdoors to hike, exercise and go on family history field trips.


Fun facts about Margaret:

  • Former Jeopardy contestant
  • Loves all kind of dance: student of Ballet, Jazz, and Tap
  • Lived in Brazil as an exchange student where she became semi-fluent in Portuguese
  • Gets up at 5:00 am, 3 days a week, to exercise outside with buddies in a nearby park

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Your Turn ...

What memories did this trigger for you? Are there loved ones now gone you wished you simply sat with and encouraged to share? Who will you be chatting with next?

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Other ways to reach Margaret:

· Margaret’s website: http://VideoGenealogy.com
· Facebook page: http://Facebook.com/videogenealogy

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