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Posted: July 24, 2019

Keeping up with changes in business and marketing strategies is a never-ending necessity.

And just as Benjamin Franklin pointed out centuries ago, “… nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

These days it seems even truer when it comes to keeping up with Facebook changes. If Facebook groups hold as a strong spot in your current marketing strategy as it does for mine, then keeping up with those changes is vital.

The latest Facebook changes you need to know about

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I’m grateful for my Facebook business friend Stephanie Watson-Barry who shared a link to this post at The Admin Zone by a Lisa. It summarized in bullet-point list detail several key points about Facebook’s upcoming plans.

This is a list I highly recommend you read soon, if not right now. Don’t put it off thinking you’ll get to it later when you’ll be less busy. It’s not just someone’s willy-nilly jaded opinions and guesses about what Facebook may or may not do…has or hasn’t done. As you’ll read in the post itself, the info came by way of someone attending a recent Developer Conference where Mark Zuckerberg himself shared the company’s intentions going forward.

Click here to automatically open that post in a new tab. Then go read it right after you finish reading my advice below. You might even want to print out or save that list as I did to keep handy for quick reference.

5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Facebook’s Plans

  1. Being aware and responsible can help you improve your marketing, prospecting, and networking efforts on Facebook.
  2. Being irresponsible by ignoring guidelines and recommended practices will definitely work against you and your marketing, prospecting, and networking efforts on Facebook.
  3. It’s easy to forget some of the particular do’s and dont’s of Facebook’s TOS, especially ones that seem counter-intuitive. I’ve been guilty of that a time or two, especially when rules changed that I didn’t know or had forgotten about.
  4. Just because you’ve gotten away with breaking Facebook’s rules in the past doesn’t mean Facebook’s algorithms or live eyes on the feed won’t catch you and shut you down in the future. If that happens, and you’ve blatantly ignored guidelines and TOS, don’t cry and lash out at how terrible and mean Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg is and expect sympathy from those who played within the rules.
  5. Don’t be foolish enough to risk your business by relying on Facebook to hold all your business, marketing, and communications eggs in one basket. In business, this is known as having a single point of failure.
    — It’s a bad business model. I don’t care how tight you are on money, time, or know-how. There are plenty of ways to help build an online business without completely relying on free platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

The Bottom Line

It’s not Facebook’s responsibility to grow your business. It’s your responsibility. Facebook is just one of many online channel platforms that provide you with free opportunities to gather and interact online.

Be responsible and grow your business wisely while you rock your unique path to success.

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  • Phew! Great post, Kat. Vital needed information. Thanks to you and Stephanie Watson-Berry for pulling together then information.

    When we were the real estate management brokers for the US Department of Veterans Affairs for five counties in SW Florida, EVERY day when we went into the office, our first questions were, “What are our rules today? What fax or mail came in yesterday (way before the internet!) that change the way we work today?”

    We have a choice today. Either get mad at Facebook, or consider how we might excel and rise about the rest.

    • Thanks for commenting, Donna. Knowing the current rules within any business is so important, yet I know so many smart folks, especially solopreneurs, who would rather whine and complain than make the effort to educate themselves. It does take time and effort but it’s part of running a business, just as bookkeeping is.

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