Even in a tiny village in Thailand near the Cambodian border, Peter Beckenham is proof-positive that relationship marketing can make growing a thriving solopreneur business wherever you’re located easier and more enjoyable. Imagine never facing another dreaded sales call again.

In today’s Fast Action Fridays episode guest Peter Beckenham, The Village Marketer, shares some of his most important advice on how to stop struggling to sell and embrace pleasant and helpful conversations with prospects instead.

Be sure to listen to the end and let us know if you agree or disagree with Peter’s advice. I’d also love to hear solutions you’ve implemented, too.

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Whatever you’re selling never have a sales call. Only have a conversation with a prospective client when you can help them understand what they need.

Peter Beckenham

More about Peter

He’s an Aussie guy who lives and works as an online coach from a remote Thai village. His tag line is “The Village Marketer” and he’s living proof that you’re never too old to achieve success online.

Twenty-three years ago Peter married a Thai lady and today they have two beautiful grown-up daughters (and yes, he’s one very biased dad 🙂 ) and one gorgeous granddaughter. They moved to a little Thai village to take care of his wife’s aging parents about 14 years ago.

The focus of Peter’s coaching and mentoring is to help solopreneurs remove the fear from sales so you can enjoy selling your services with confidence without feeling uncomfortable using the internet in a realistic, open, and ethical way.

At the age of 75, despite many successes, Peter feels his journey of helping entrepreneurs experience the enjoyment, fun, and fulfillment with their business has just begun.

His mission is to use a significant part of his coaching fees to help educate the children in his village and to help break the “vicious cycle of poverty” that so many families face in this very poor part of Thailand.

Fun and Unusual facts about Peter:

  • Doing for 36 exciting years what his grandfather and wife initially were shocked about him doing
  • Spent 16 wonderful years as a senior high school economics teacher before being promoted as the youngest high school principal in Australia
  • Fell in love with marketing and hated admin so left his educational career but failed 3 times to be employed as a life insurance agent
  • Finally found a life insurance company who would have him as a life insurance agent – was rookie of the year Australia-wide in my first year and didn’t sell anything
  • Went on to become Australian Sales Manager but corporate life (and admin) really didn’t agree with him so started his own sales and marketing consulting company working mainly in Asia

Get the Free Resource

In Peter’s 10X Your Sales With No Pitching blueprint, he shares a way to use conversational selling to build rapport and perceived value with a prospective customer and as a result 10X your sales. He says there will be no pitching at all, but plenty of examples and scripts that you can edit to best fit your needs.

Get your free copy of Peter’s 10X Your Sales With No Pitching blueprint here.

Other ways to connect with Peter:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peter.beckenham/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterbeckenham/
Website: peterbeckenham.com

Your Turn

What’s been your biggest struggle conversing with prospects? Do you know what the big why is behind what you do and why you do it?

I think hearing the passion in Peter’s voice and seeing his eyes light up when talking about his own big why is my favorite part of this episode.

What was your biggest take-away from this episode?

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  • Hi Kat,
    It was a pleasure and privilege to share some thoughts with you on this podcast.
    For anyone considering starting a business or who have already started their entrepreneurial journey please make sure you know and implement the 4 critical E’s of business success – empathy, engage, educate, and empower.
    Focus on helping your potential customers get clarity on what are their key challenges and then empower them to make the “right buying decision”
    If you can provide this ethical serving mindset then you are well on the way to business success

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Peter since 2019, and believe he is a very committed, skilful and helpful individual. He has very good intentions to help others, including those needing education, such as the children in his village, and more. Peter is very honourable and helps others to achieve their goals, he is a great guy! Cheers Alan

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