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Interview with Candice Sinai. Discovered unexpected prosperity.

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Candice SinaiReplay with my guest Candice Sinai, Prosperity Scavenger Hunt giveaway winner. We had a some glitches with the live recording on Feb 20, 2015. Luckily, we were able to retape with just the two of us later.

Listen as she shares about her multi-year journey recovering from major illness and her experience and insights participating in the Prosperity Scavenger Hunt, plus some of her plans for the future.
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Don’t miss the special free mediation offer from Candice, plus her three fast action tips below.

Candice really embraced the challenge embedded within the hunt and made it pay off for herself in unexpected and surprising ways.

You can also read more about Candice’s Prosperity Scavenger Hunt experience on Facebook in the Rocking Your Path Community Group. Click here.

Here’s the bulk of what she had to share on Facebook:

“I honestly didn’t think I would find anything because I love to use the soaps and the beautiful stuff day-to-day.

Here’s what I found, and when I added it up, the value of the small stuff is around $175. Adding in the value of the instruments (the old) and the technology, it’s at least $10,000 more of hidden treasure.

What I’ve discovered is, the place where I hold out is one of the most sacred places — it’s with things that have to do with my work in the world.

When I closed my brick and mortar office to heal, I continued collecting and tucking away items that could be used for hosting online events: a Blue Yeti Mic and a couple of other high quality microphones for a recording studio. Journals and beautiful papers I thought would be great to save for hosting a retreat and writing thank you’s, and CD labels for recorded meditations. On top of that, there are two electric Fender Telecaster’s from my brother that could help seed a new business.

This exercise shows me how much we have and how tender we can be. Even when we continue doing the work, there are hidden layers to be revealed. I hid them away so I would not have to see the richness of what was lost and face the feelings. And the belief that i have to have all of my energies restored before playing bigger. I’m sure there is more I CAN do that I’ve been afraid to stretch into out of fear.

The exercise brought forth an honoring of the richness that is already here. I will leave these on display in my home to inform and nurture me. And I thank you, Kat Sturtz, for the gift of this exercise.”

Here are photos of what Candice collected during her prosperity hunt. Be sure to listen to the replay to hear the lasting impact doing the hunt and what she discovered has had on her.

Candice Sinai Prosperity Hunt finds

More about Candice

Candice loves serving life and people. She’s a warm-hearted transformational speaker, healing catalyst, and life coach who embodies the principles she loves to convey. In her work, she holds a clear, safe and grounded space for you to discover the healing wisdom of your body, and the innate genius that leads you to create a life that is a true reflection of your highest purpose. 

After working more than 20 years as a practitioner and teacher of holistic bodywork, meditation and movement, she came face-to-face with her own healing crises. Eventually she realized she had to close the doors to her business, “BodyWisdom,” to open a bigger door. 

Her commitment to discover and bring to light the causes and patterns that led to that healing crises led her through a seven-year journey where she discovered simple, natural ways to discover the gifts inside our challenges. She now helps others rediscover truth inside themselves, and walk their own path with resilience, freedom and peace of mind. 

You can connect with Candice on Facebook here or LinkedIn here.

Special offer from Candice

Candice will send you a “Nightly Healing” teaching and guided meditation mp3, called “Resting in What Is” by emailing your request to her at the following address: BodyWisdomEffect @ gmail.com  [be sure to delete the spaces before and after the @ symbol.]

Host your own Prosperity Scavenger Hunt

Grab a timer and check out the simple instructions in this post. These fast action tips that Candice shared during the call can help make your experience richer.

Tip #1: Stay open. Stay as open as you can.

Tip #2: Focus on what you want and follow the breadcrumbs.
Tip #3: Cultivate gratitude. Abundance and gratitude go hand in hand.

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What do you think of Candice’s experiences? Have you participated in this or a similar challenge to find unexpected prosperity in your life? What did you find of value during your Prosperity Scavenger Hunt?

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