On days I’m feeling low a dose of Jeanne Robertson is all I need to pick me up and lighten the grey skies. Her telling of what happened when she sent her husband to the grocery store with a specific list of what to buy is my all time favorite.

So you don’t need to go hunting for it, I’ve shared the video below. It’s good, clean fun sure to tickle your funny bone.

Have You Seen It?

Click the arrow to start the video and listen to the performance yourself.


Have you seen Jeanne perform live? Or watched some of her other hilarious stories on YouTube? Do you have a favorite Jeanne skit?

Please share in the Comments.

Photo permission from Jeanne Robertson’s website media kit.

    • You’ll love all her videos, I’m sure. Be sure to check out the one about asking husband to clean the carpets, and don’t trust a man with the luggage, and don’t bungee jump naked! They’re all great!

  • I just recently discovered her and had to watch all her available specials on Amazon. She is just a hoot. This one is pretty much right on track! LOL

    • I didn’t realize my husband hadn’t watched any of her videos until he saw my blog post. Now he’s hooked! LOL Thanks for the heads up about her specials on Amazon. Definitely going to check that out.

  • R.I.P. Jeanne Robertson. This beautiful, funny, wholesome woman passed away unexpectedly Aug 21, 2021 at age 77. She’ll be profoundly missed. Thankfully she leaves behind a wonderful body of work to enjoy like this one. With a smile and tear, here’s to you, Jeanne!

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