Jumpstart Private Coaching Special

Elephants blocking your path to success?


Let’s get together to flush them into the open and start moving them out of your way!

Take advantage of this opportunity to share situations and obstacles you’ve been struggling with … things (or people) standing in your way of success and happiness … things that have you feeling stuck in a rut, frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, or worried about the future.

Together we’ll explore some of the obstacles and hidden barriers that may be at play, as well as opportunities that can help you better focus then move forward swiftly and successfully along your unique path to success. You’re ready to start rocking your path, right? Right!

Start thinking now about the most important issues you’d like us to focus on during your sessions, plus specific questions you’d like to ask me. Where do you want to be headed?

Here’s what’s included in this $97 special introductory package:

Two private coaching sessions with me, Kat Sturtz. ($247 value)
— One 45 minute session.  — One free 30 minute follow-up session.
— Plus continuing email support for 2 weeks after your follow-up session.

BONUS: Three unique “Find and Release” personal action tools. These tools are the same ones my clients have found essential in helping them release negative energy, dream bigger, and take action that moves them forward quickly.

BONUS: A free subscription to the The Path Ahead newsletter from Rocking Your Path.

Sessions are conducted via online meeting room or telephone. You may choose to have a video chat or audio only. Sessions can be recorded and available for private replay so you don’t need to stress about taking notes. Anything you choose to share with me is confidential.

Due to the discount pricing of this special offer, appointments are non-refundable but may be rescheduled or gifted to another person. Payments are processed via a PayPal link. However, a PayPal account is not required. You will have the opportunity to pay directly with a debit or credit card. Just follow the prompts. 

You can’t get to where you want to go by standing still.

Take action now by scheduling your first Jumpstart Private Coaching session using the form below. I look forward to helping you navigate your unique path to success.

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