Reiki spelled with Japanese lettersAnyone even remotely familiar with the concepts of energy healing using Reiki methods is also most likely aware of the 5 Spiritual Principles of Reiki.

These are meant to be lived, not just noted or recited or remembered. But lived daily in our thoughts, words and deeds.

Since beginning this blog I've wrestled with various ideas for offering something on a regular basis that would help remind us of ways we can move through each day more positively focused. Completing my Master Reiki Level last week was exhilerating, and seemed also to take away the fog of hesitation heavy with too many ideas and no commitment to action. Now it seems so simple, so doable.

So, here today, I offer the first of what will be many weekly offerings guided by Spirit. What better offering can I make that to share the 5 Spiritual Principles of Reiki. Please note that there are versions available, each worded slightly differently, but all with the same wonderfully inspiring message and reminders:

5 Spiritual Laws of Reiki

Just For Today – I shall trust.

Just For Today – I shall do my work honestly.

Just For Today – I shall accept my many blessings.

Just For Today – I shall be at peace.

Just For Today – I will respect the rights of all life forms.


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