Could there be a better way to say this? Possibly. But I'm not about to tinker with such a powerful and succinct message.

Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C. [Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speaking.], 08/28/1963. No known copyright restrictions by The U.S. National Archives

"Now, I realize that there will be difficulties.
Whenever you have a transition, whenever you are moving from one system to another there will be definite difficulties, but I think there is enough brainpower, and I think there is enough determination, enough courage and faith to meet the difficulties as they develop.
I often feel like saying, when I hear the question "People aren't ready," that it's like telling a person who is trying to swim, "Don't jump in that water until you learn how to swim." When actually you will never learn how to swim until you get in the water.
….And I think people have to have an opportunity to develop themselves and govern themselves"
 My prayer for you is that you faced a challenge today and win.
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