It’s super satisfying when fate brings people together unexpectedly and the whole of what they accomplish in their time together ends up greater than anyone could have predicted from the expected contributions of each individual?

Kimberley Wiggins Episode 58 Marriage Of Mindset Marketing Aired OCT030 2019
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That’s what happened recently when I responded Kimberley Wiggins’ call for help in the Love People and Make Money Facebook group to which we both belong. I had the pleasure of meeting Kimberley Wiggins in person August of 2018 at Kelly McCausey’s Exposure & Profit 5 event in Atlanta. Since then our paths have crossed cyber lanes here and there.

It was late night. Kimberley had just learned her scheduled marketing coach guest had backed out. Two other guests were already scheduled for the episode set to record next afternoon, and the show’s format relied on having a separate mindset coach and a marketing coach, in addition to the featured “hot seat” business woman volunteer.

A quick glance at my calendar showed I could rearrange couple appointments and just make the recording time if she was interested. I’m so glad Kimberley reached out for help. And I’m so glad she agreed to my stepping in.

QUICK WIN TIP: Never be afraid to reach out for help. We all need a helping hand … or two … or three … somedays!

Meeting Camille Telicia, The Intentional Goddess, was treat. Camille was the featured mindset coach, I the marketing one. During the few minutes prior to recording, we quickly realized we had a lot in common because she’s got an impressive business background and I’ve got mindset coaching coursing through my veins, too.

Then one more unexpected hitch in the plan suddenly became clear. The featured business owner, was missing. Kimberley made the executive decision to go ahead and record the episode without her. We’d still offer our opinions and advice without identifying the business owner or her website by name. Kimberley would reach out to her later to express her concern and make sure she knew that we provided an hour’s worth of solid mindset and marketing coaching for her specific benefit, as well as the many others facing similar obstacles and barriers to sustained success and financial security.

As I alluded to at the top of this post, sometimes fate steps in and helps create something more amazing that could have been predicted. Kimberley, Camille, and I focused on what we could do in the moment. We focused on the solution to the immediate problem at hand … and were rewarded in end with what Kimberley says is “another amazing segment of the “Marriage of Mindset and Marketing.

Her show’s focus is “being able to show the relationship between mindset and marketing with an emphasis of the importance of them working together for success.” I love that she’s calls them “The Successful Happy Couple”.

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Also, feel free to get the free resources that Camille and I shared. Links are on Kimberley’s post.

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