Conquer the Confusion – Connect to Your Intuition with Confidence

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  • Lesson One: Why YOUR Intuition Matters
  • Lesson Two: Conquering the Fears Associated with Intuition
  • Lesson Three: Recognizing the Many Faces of Intuition
  • Lesson Four: Understanding the 3 Levels of Intuition
  • Lesson Five: Putting Your Intuition to Practical Use
  • Lesson Six: BONUS Lesson

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“I strongly encourage any small business owner interested in increasing their profits to partner with Kathy. By drawing on her years of business coaching experience, her amazing powers of intuition, and her boundless creative energy, she helped me to discover the limiting factors in my business and then helped me build a plan of attack to overcome them. She showed me the way to move beyond where I had become ‘stuck’ in my business development and helped me stay on plan by continuing to work with me until I reached my goals!”

Darrell New, Vice President Guerrilla Marketing

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