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Sometimes all it took to help keep your balance was a steady hand and a few words of encouragement from someone who loved and supported you. Someone who believed you could conquer those wobbles. Someone who believed in your potential even when you got too scared to try sometimes.

Get help conquering the wobbles in your life and business with all new 56 Vibes ezine, This Road Called Life. It’s like a steady hand and word of encouragement to help you maintain balance in this business we call life.  

We’re gearing up to start publishing on more regular basis (woefully lax in the past). But don’t expect daily emails. I’m too busy to read too much email from the lists I subscribe to, so I don’t like to flood the inboxes on my readers either.

Here are a few things to expect:

  • Personal message written by me, Kathy Henderson-Sturtz, to you. I’ll share some things you won’t find in posts on my websites or on my Facebook wall or the Rocking Your Path page.
  • One full featured article: Might be all new, not available anywhere else. (Wouldn’t want to miss that now, would you?!)
    Might be summary of post shared on one of my sites, or elsewhere…perhaps as guest post on someone else’s site.
  • A mini feature from the Just for Today, Quick Steps, or Intuition for Success archives: Always a source for inspiration, worthy challenges, and doable action steps that can help you minimize or banish overwhelm and frustration right now.
  • Details of upcoming events and programs. Watch for Early Bird opt-ins and special discounts.
  • One or more Recommended Resources: These are products and services that I’ve personally checked out, use, or tried out. Many will be available completely free. (Hey, I like a good bargain, too!)

Also coming soon — a completely new, completely free downloadable package of goodies.

I’d tell you the package name and details but, frankly, I’m still in final design mode and haven’t committed to the Big Name yet.

Just know this: The combined goodies are like getting a travel package from your favorite travel agency, full of useful items to have along on any extended journey. Things like a personal itinerary checklist, maps to featured destinations, medicine for those little upsets you can get while traveling new and unfamiliar territory, and more.

The road called Life we travel is a never-ending journey. I want to help you make the most of your life’s journey, the paths you choose to follow, and the side trips you choose to explore.

Isn’t it time you trusted someone with a trusting and loving hand to help you?

What could be easier?

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  • Hi Kathy. There is so much to do, isn’t there? I’m working on the balancing act now, especially since I’ve morphed into a new business over the summer. I’ve signed up for you list and look forward to receiving exciting and useful tips. Thanks so much.

    All the best,

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