I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve thought of creating my own card decks over the last 10 years. But the logistics of manufacturing them baffled me and, frankly, I was too preoccupied with other projects to stop and research the all the ins and outs. Yet the idea of having my own special card deck was never far away.

So I was super excited when I learned about Rosie Battista in a Facebook group to which we both belong. This week’s Fast Action Fridays guest is the Queen of Card Decks. Not only is Rosie well-versed in designing and publishing card decks, she’s an excellent instructor for those looking to do it themselves. Frankly, at this stage of my career, I’m planning to take advantage of Rosie’s done-for-you option when the time comes.

Still, there’s the issue of deciding what type of card deck to create, as well as how to integrate it into my marketing plans. Rosie shares that and more in this week’s episode.

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Fun and Unusual facts about Rosie:

  • I entered a body building figure competition at age 53 (and competed with my 23 year old daughter)
  • I became an assistant to a NYC Couture Designer at age 55 (with no formal experience, just pure desire to be in the fashion industry and brought to me by the Universe)
  • Got fired from every job I every held.

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Click here to get Rosie’s Free Card Deck Ideas video where she shows 11 examples of creative card decks that will spark your creative mind and marketing plans.

Want to head straight to Rosie’s Card Deck Creation Course information page? Click here.

Other ways to connect with Rosie:

Facebook: facebook / rosiebattista
Instagram: instagram / rosiebattista
Website: www.rosiebattista.com

Your Turn

Have you thought about creating a card deck for yourself or business? Do you own any that you love? I own about a dozen.

Please share your comments, ideas you have brewing, or questions in the comments below. I’d love to see what you create.

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  • I love card decks and the diverse ways in which you can use them to promote your business, serve your clients, and create extra income. All good reasons to have a physical product for your business and card decks are just so much fun!

    • You were a delightful guest, Rosie. Appreciate all the valuable information, ideas, and advice you shared. And, I’m so looking forward to having my own custom card deck in the future.

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