Want to see a gal really excel at being her authentic self? Check out Darcie Buzzell.

Now bear in mind, just because Darcie’s got a super fun, out-going theatrical style … doesn’t mean you need to emulate her. The point is learn to be comfortable in your own skin. Let YOU shine through.

She says, “Even The Quiet Introvert can have their voice heard without screaming…the principles of Storytelling and Engagement apply to every Personality Type. It’s all about Positioning Your Offer so that YOUR STORIES SELL.”

YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE than the products and services you sell and the gang you hang with. – Darcie Buzzelle

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More about Darcie and the stories she shares

She has a brain tumor so rare that they have only ever been reported in less than .43 of the total population. Says Darcie, “I am THAT ONE IN 33 MILLION PATIENT. (It’s like being THE ONLY one in Canada!) Frankly, I would have much preferred the winning lottery ticket. I believe it’s about the same odds!

“Dubbed a Giant Osteoma because of it’s 1-1/4” size (picture the size of a Large Walnut) it’s (probably) a benign bone tumour on my left sinus pushing back into my brain and the headaches are a Bee-ATCH. I’m scheduled for surgery in the next couple of months! THE TELLING OF THIS STORY HAS BECOME A CONVERSATION STOPPER. The reactions are fascinating and those who are not at a loss for words move into a much deeper conversation about the real things that matter––the things that connect us!

“I WANT TO INSPIRE YOU to build deeper connections with your audience. To be more authentic and empathic to help serve and solve your customer’s problems. WE ARE OUR BUSINESS. What happens in our life is reflected in our business and it is through the stories we share that we uncover the common thread that ties our tribe together.”

By the way, Darcie lives on a little island in the Canadian Pacific Northwest.

A Visual Storyteller

“I’m a VISUAL STORYTELLER––I help you unleash your AWESOME, define your AUDIENCE and ATTRACT your tribe. I make it Super Simple for You to Brand You and Get ‘em STICKY, Get ‘em STUCK and Get ‘em to STAY, like Bees to Honey,” says Darcie.

Fun Facts about Darcie (straight out of her email to me):

  • THERE IS A PERCEPTION that when we reach that certain age, our operating system is outdated and our functionality is well-past the expiry date, and presumably of no use to the youngins. I’m delighted to share that, while the snow may be on the Roof, the Attic is fully intact, and surprisingly a big chunk of my engaged female Audience is in the 35-44 age group. Clearly, I still have some good Sh!t to Share 😉
  • SCREW ‘EM IF THEY CAN’T TAKE A JOKE. My people have a sense of humour. It’s not that life is a joke; it’s just the lens through which I choose to view the world––it’s a good sifter and sorter because Well-behaved women rarely make history!
  • I DON’T CARE HOW OLD YOU ARE! I want to know if you’ll risk looking like a fool and be prepared to Cause a Disruption for your business dreams – for the adventure of being alive and being successful.

Okay, so those weren’t what I’d call “fun or unusual facts” about Darcie, though the brain tumor issue certainly qualifies. But do you see how Darcie makes use of every opportunity to selectively share her personal stories and her personal viewpoints?

. . .

Are the dots connecting for you between what she shares and how she connects that with information and advice to her target audience? Hello, Prospective clients! Hello, new business! Hello, more money in the bank … all while being of service her clients.

You are trying to build a successful business, right?

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Your Turn

Do you have a story about you and your life experiences that you could be sharing? A story that would help your clients and followers better understand who you are, what you stand for, how what you’ve learned from your experiences could help them improve their lives and businesses?

Please share your comments and questions below.

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