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 How the Lifeline Program Works

My two Lifeline Coaching Programs are designed with flexibility and affordability in mind so you can rock your unique path to success!


Start by booking a free Lifeline Chat to see if we'd be a good fit to work together.

My coaching style is personal, intuitive, easy-going, honest, direct, and empathetic.

You'll be able to take advantage of my years of experience as an award-winning nonfiction author and editor, certified marketing coach, and hands-on tech specialist for many online software programs, including WordPress, Camtasia, Canva, and Trello. I've worked with dozens of solopreneurs and small businesses.

Because I only work with a handful of private clients every quarter, you'll get plenty of opportunity to connect with me privately, everything from Zoom meetings, to unlimited 15 minute quick calls, text, Facebook, and Voxer messaging depending on the Lifeline option you choose.

If we decide the Lifeline Program isn't a good fit, I'm happy to suggest other options for you to consider. Book a free Lifeline Chat here.


Be prepared to explain what you want to accomplish and what you think is currently holding you back. My goal is to help you reach your version of success. I don't follow a script or particular framework. Think of it as personally customized within a flexible framework to help you rock your unique path to success.


During your free Lifeline chat call, I'll explain in detail the options available, plus the cost to participate so there are no surprises. There's no obligation to continue. No icky, guilty-laden sales pitches from me. That's not my style.

Payment terms are available with discounts given for payment in full upfront. See a sample agreement here.


If we decide to work together you'll choose the option that best fits your needs:

Option 1: VIP Lifeline Coaching Intensive 

This option is for those ready to get a lot accomplished in a single full or half-day or two of private coaching with hands-on assistance. We'll get together throughout the day to work on your project of choice. For instance, you might want to:

  • Map out a business or marketing plan that includes detailed workflows, systems and tech to update or put in place
  • Revamp your product or service offers and pricing plus map out an integrated funnel or client journey experience
  • Brainstorm your solopreneur dream business that includes identifying your target market, how to find and attract your ideal clients with the products and services you'll offer, what to charge, and determining what systems and tech would be wise choices for your situation
  • Complete a website review and get as many updates made in real time as possible during our time together
  • Design your unique VIP Lifeline Intensive experience. Yes, we really can customize your single session based on what you hope to accomplish and what I'm confident I can help you achieve.
  • Complete a website review and get as many updates made in real time as possible during our time together
  •  Write or edit copy for your website, email series, or marketing materials
  • Design your unique VIP experience. Yes, we really can customize your package based on what you hope to accomplish and what I'm confident I can help you with during in our allotted time.

NOTE: This option includes a follow up meeting where we'll discuss your progress and deal with any additional questions you have. You also get 30 days of additional email support. Did I mention free access or discounts to other programs and services? Yep, that's included, too.

Option 2: Lifeline Coaching Plus

This option is ideal for those wanting continuous coaching support over time. 

  • Start with a 60 minute Zoom meeting where we'll discuss your dreams, goals, passions, struggles, and more in order to map out a flexible action plan to help you move forward.
  • An initial 3 month commitment is required. However, you can continue month-by-month after that at the same rate even if I raise my prices. 
  • Reach out to me as needed via phone, Voxer, Facebook Messenger, email, and to schedule 1:1 Zoom meetings when an issue needs more than a quick answer.
    • I reply as quickly as possible.
    • I trust my clients to respect their 24/7 access to me...
    • ... and to not abuse that privilege. I'm happy to say that no client has ever yet been ungrateful or too needy.
  • Some limited hands-on tech support is included with this program.
    • Additional tech or time sensitive hands-on help can be discussed subject to additional fees. 
  • Get free access or discounts to other programs and services.


If we decide to work together, you'll pick a start date and I'll send you a link to make your first payment. This is an investment in you and your goals!

Okay. I know you're curious about pricing*. While I do have standard fees, clients often customize their packages resulting in tweaks to package prices. But here's something to help you budget. Right now a single half-day VIP Lifeline Intensive starts at just $400 USD. 

*Pricing subject to change.

Stop waiting for conditions to be just right to take your next big step. It's time to start rocking your unique path. I'm here to help.

Sweet Things Folks Say

Gina Glenn profile photo

Gina Glenn

I loved working with Kat! Her positivity is contagious and her coaching is spot on. She was my first ever biz coach and her wisdom helped me make smart decisions regarding my business growth in a way that honored my vision.

Jerilynn Knight profile photo

Jerilynne Knight

In a single 1 hour session with her, I went from confused to "ah ha" and knew exactly what to do next (without overwhelm, thank goodness) to move my business forward.

Catherine Allon profile

Catherine Allon

Kat is a very dynamic coach. Her style is personable, caring and an active listener. Her capacity to come up with insightful questions helps to get to the core of what needs to happen, the actions that must be taken to attain a desired goal! She is a talented coach, a valuable resource and a successful entrepreneur.


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