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Looking forward to talking with Cindy Freeman, host of Purpose Talk Radio, on Monday, January 13, 2014. I’ll be sharing both practical tips and those oh-so-important leaps of faith we need to take in order to rock our paths and live the life of our dreams.

Purpose Talk Radio Jan 13 2014 details

  • Kat, I wasn’t sure I was going to listen all the way through, but your recounting of how you made it to where you are now was so engrossing. It rang so true for me, as well! I mean, my journey has been different (of course) but there are so many interesting similarities for those that are called to do healing work – and to help others move forward in their lives. I was fascinated and captivated with your wisdom and guts! Truly beautiful! You are inspirational!

  • Delighted you enjoyed the interview, Maureen. Yes, our journeys have been different but I know following our passions, which includes the healing work we each do, is so important to both of us. Thanks for sharing your feedback.

  • Thanks, Kat, for being my guest. The five things you listed are not difficult to do even though some were definitely leaps of faith for me/out of my comfort zone. When I get myself to do them everyday, as you suggested, I am sure they will become more comfortable and will help my business be better.

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