Don’t let the big guys fool you. You can start rocking your unique path to success with way less than they want you to believe.

For instance …

You don’t need lots of fancy equipment, weeks of promotion, thousands of subscribers on your email list, a big name or reputation to draw quality speakers, and tons of time to host a virtual summit.

That’s especially true if any of these apply to you:

  • You’ve never hosted a virtual summit before
  • You’re not even sure what a virtual summit is
  • It’s just you … no support team, no virtual assistant
  • You can’t afford … or haven’t gotten around to buying a decent webcam, studio mic, lighting system, or green screen
  • The number of subscribers on your list couldn’t power a two man row boat
  • You haven’t even got an email list
  • You haven’t got a affiliate program set up
  • You don’t want to shell out money for Facebook ads or other forms advertising
  • You’re afraid no one will show up!
  • You think marketing is Hell
  • But … You’re willing to try even though you might fail

How do I know?

I proved it could be done by doing it myself in September 2019.

Sure, I have some of things on that list above I said you don’t need. But the only thing I used then that you might not have is a Zoom Pro account. However, I could have done it with a free Zoom account.

I didn’t email my modest list of subscribers. I didn’t buy any advertising. In fact, I only did a little promotion on my Facebook business page, to my free Rocking Your Path Community group, within a handful of other groups where allowed, and set up a free Facebook event page. You can see the original event page here.

And the ONLY people I worried about showing up were my five guest speakers for their assigned session slots.

That’s it.

Here’s all YOU NEED to host that first virtual summit:

  • Free Zoom account (to host and record each session) – Want one? Get one here
  • Free Canva account (for graphics) – Need one? Click here.
  • Free Facebook page, group, event features (for promotion)
  • A few guest speakers …
    … you’d be amazed at how easy that is IF you’re willing to ask
  • One pre-determined bank of time on one day to hold the event, plus snippets of time leading up to it to pull things together.

My way isn’t the only way

You can accomplish what I did to host your own first virtual summit with any number of free and low tech solutions. For instance, it’s possible to host a virtual summit completely on Facebook by using Facebook Live features.

You just need to be willing to make a commitment to the project, being open to possibilities and opportunities, and getting started by taking that first step, then another, and the next.

How I Make Working from Home Work for Me

That’s the theme and title I used for my virtual summit last year. For a variety of reasons I’ve never released the replays … until now.

You’ll be able to watch all five sessions for free starting tomorrow. No opt-in needed. Just come back to the blog here. Each session will be featured in a separate blog post.

Why make things harder than they need to be?

This isn’t rocket science … find creative solutions that work. You can add more frills and fancy-dancy elements later.

You can’t rock your path by standing still

Start. Take that first step. And the first place to start, is to stop with the excuses of why you can’t. You can. Go prove it.

I’m around if you’d like some help. Contact me here or join the Rocking Your Path Community on Facebook here.


I’d love to know some of the low tech solutions you’ve used to get the ball rolling. What’s worked for you? What’s standing in your way?

Please share in the comments.

  • Kat, Wow- maybe I can make my virtual summit happen… Your giving me hope again……Whew, I know that audience exists but I can’t get my email list to grow, the summit could gather my TEAM I want to start my revolution grow and take over the dog and hooman companion healthy lifestyle of doing so together….LOVE it! Bookmarking this to better read carefully for later….LOVE you Kat- You motivate me!!

  • One more time, you are a magnificent git-er-done role model, Kat! In the best possible way, you remind me of my Mama Peggy. When I would ask mom about something, she’s say, “Just do it.” That was decades Nike decided to pay money to trademark those words. Thank you dear friend.

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