Crystal Tray designed to adjust room temperaturesThe idea for this crystal tray came to Becky Vogel in a dream. Becky’s a member of our Spiritual Thumb group here in Michigan and a very intuitive person. She’s used her tray for three years to help regulate room temperatures in her home.

See below on how to make one for yourself. You don’t need large crystals and it’s okay if what you have are polished. I prefer the natural ones and have been lucky to find reasonably priced chunks about 3 to 6 inches in diameter on my many travels. There are many good online and catalog sources, as well, including our friend Jewels at the Crystal Seen Trading Company down in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Jewels knows a lot about crystals in general and mining quartz crystals around Hot Springs.


You’ll need eight crystals of approximately the same size, plus sea salt and a silver (or silver-plated) tray.

The seven specific crystals (going clockwise from the top in the photo) are: Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Red Jasper, Carnelian, Amethyst, Sodalite and Malachite.  The eighth crystal should be a personal favorite of yours, or the recipient if you are assembling this tray as a gift. I’ve chosen rose quartz.

Cleanse* and purify the crystals, paying attention to the methods most appropriate for each type. All the crystals here, except malachite, can be cleansed by placing in a bowl and covering with sea salt. Wait about 3 hours before removing them, using your intuition to feel if  each has been thoroughly cleansed of undesirable energies. The crystals can also be similarly cleansed by immersing in a sea water bath.

Malachite is best cleansed by rinsing lightly under running water, then placing atop a white quartz cluster for about 3 hours. After it feels cleansed, hold it under running water for 3 minutes. Use your intention towards unwanted energies to be rinsed off into the earth.

Arrange the crystals in the same order as the photo. Place a small quantity of sea salt in the middle and sprinkle the salt lightly with water. Position the tray with citrine pointed north in a room of your choice.

Energize the tray by placing your hand near the tray and circling it over the crystals in a clockwise fashion. Your intention is to energize the crystals to work in unison while asking spirit to help regulate the area at the temperature you’ve chosen.

Several members in our meditation group are enjoying this benefits of the crystal tray. One member made a second tray using all quartz crystals that she programmed to assume the various traits  of the recommended crystals. She reports that it works but not as well as with the specific seven crystals.

  • Read below how Becky described the dream she had about the crystal tray. Note that during the dream she was instructed to share the information freely, and not profit by it or the tray would not work. Please keep that in mind if you share what you’ve learned about making and using this type of crystal tray.

    Becky’s words:
    “I dreamt it during the Atlantean time. A group of us (approximately 6 of us) were coming out of the rains into a dining room area sitting at a large wooden table with benches for chairs. Three sat on one side and three of us sat on the other side of the table. I was feeling very cold and damp and a woman brought the tray of crystals and sat the tray with the crystal formation in the middle of the table to warm us. I suddenly felt warmth from within due to the vibrations of the crystals. During the dream, I was told which crystals to use and where to place them in the circle on the tray. The message that was told to me about the crystal formation is those who need heat will receive it from the crystals, but those who are in it for a profitable gain will not feel the vibration of heat and it will not work. It is for the higher self and for those who need the heat through a different source of vibration which will be needed in the future.

    “Once I received this information, I went out west and obtained the crystals. I have been using this form of heat for the past 3 years. My house is always warmer than what the actual temperature is. Good luck with using it. It has saved me on my heating bills.

    • Hi Kelly. There are a few places but really depends on the size and quality of the crystals you are looking for. I have a couple business friends out of state that I order from for special things. Are you looking for crystals to make your own crystal tray?

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