LaVonne EllisDon’t quite recall when I first crossed paths with LaVonne Ellis, but I liked her from the start. Unlike me, she’s inherently shy with streaks of boldness and brashness that I find endearing and inspiring.

I think it’s because she knows herself well, viewing the ups and downs of her life’s journey with keen, witty, observant eyes.

While I’m not sure she’d admit this, I see in her actions an acknowledgement that she owns both the ability and privilege to accept responsibility for each new step she takes. Stumbles and flourishes and all in between. That’s the rocking your unique path way in action, for sure.

She’s also a talented wordsmith and editor whose way with weaving experiences into stories draws you in with their open frankness. They are delightfully descriptive. Heart-felt and unassuming.

Slices of life to laugh with, cry with. Even cringe with on occasion. Yet, not to be missed. Because they encourage me to view my own life’s journey with more depth and passion. To see what I missed or ignored or was too afraid to acknowledge when I peek back in times before. You can judge for yourself by reading through some of the posts on her website.

What I do remember is meeting LaVonne virtually before she launched her new site, The Complete Flake (but after she’d grown comfortable with the moniker).  It was on Facebook, and likely via mutual business (and talented!) FB friends, Rhiannon Cahours and Larah Ritchie. It’s an honor and privilege to share my imperfect self with them and others within a private FB group that LaVonne started after she published her book, Get Sh*t Done. You can check it out on Amazon here.

The challenge that sparked Make Customers Love You

However, this post isn’t just about LaVonne. It’s about her and the 27 collaborators (plus others unnamed) who contributed to Make Customers Love You, A 28-Day Challenge for Your Tiny Business.

mcly_lavonne-ellis-bkcoverA quick glance through the Table of Contents is evidence of the many heart and soul connecting experiences shared throughout this book. It’s not a book everyone will get or appreciate. Hard-selling sales folk and many small business owners, especially those focused only on the bottom line, won’t … and that’s okay. This book isn’t meant for them.

It speaks directly to the growing number of Tiny Biz owners, solopreneurs, often home-based biz folks (me included) who find it stressful navigating the barrier that divides the desire to attract and serve ideal clients and customers from the need to ask for the sale.

You can’t pay bills with good intentions

After all, just as any other business owner, we need to make money to keep the business afloat, pay our bills, feed our families. I’ve yet been able to pay my electric bill with good intentions.

Make Your Customers Love You is not a typical “how to make sales” book. It’s a guidebook aimed at helping you off that tough fence and onto building a gate through which both you and your ideal customers can easily meet and converse on friendly terms.

Day 1 of the journey couldn’t be more inviting. Following Ellis’ action plan “We are going to make customers love us — by loving them.” [It’s adapted from a system she credits learning from Naomi Dunford, of IttyBiz.]

Each day following brings a variety of insight and challenge tasks from 27 additional contributors. The experiences they share are real…giving us glimpses into their situations, fears, triumphs. Easy to relate to. Enjoyable to read.

The challenge is real, too.

There are no big promises that it will be easy and successful for you. But the potential is there. It’s up to you to commit or not. To take responsibility or not. To stay stuck on that sharp, rusty, iron finial … or not.

A favorite quote from the book is this from David Crandall (Day 2):

“They won’t buy your shit until they know you give a shit.”

– David Crandall

Yes, it’s a bit crass in its wording, but the truth is undeniable.

My only gribble with the book is that I don’t think “edited by LaVonne Ellis” does justice to LaVonne Ellis and the many contributors, therefore it doesn’t leverage them enough for promotion and marketing. (My marketing critique for today! 🙂 )

Grab your copy and share your experiences

I encourage your to go grab your copy today. Then share your review and related experiences below. 

By the way, you can get it FREE … July 1st – 5th … on Amazon here. Don’t wait.

Disclosure: Some of the links within this site are affiliate links, which means that should you decide to buy something I may receive a small commission in return. 


  • Thanks for sharing, Swankie, … your feedback…and LaVonne’s terrific book.

    BTW, I love following the stories you, LaVonne, and other Vandwellers share online. Thanks for the opportunity to come along on your rocking it paths.

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