We’ve all been there. Knowing we need to have a conversation about a situation that’s become extremely important to us, but holding back, worried how the other person will react.

We don’t like rocking the dialogue boat but our happiness and wellbeing is at stake. What can we do to better prepare ourselves for that moment of uncomfortable conversation?

In today’s Fast Action Fridays interview guest Karen Flynn, an experienced international coach, shares insight into knowing when we’ve reached that point, along with tips to help us navigate the uncomfortable discussion that’s likely to follow.

Karen says, “Starting over at any age -making a pivot in your career, business, or personal journey, is not impossible. It’s hard, and the freedom and fulfilment gained is worth the uncomfortable learning.”

Be sure to listen to the end to also how to qualify for Karen’s free resource.

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You have to start the conversation.

Karen Flynn

More about Karen

Living fully … that’s Karen’s philosophy in life. She came from humble beginnings, born in Guyana and raised in a West Indian environment, to a first career working with international clients across the globe. She says she is proof that self-made from sheer grit and determination is possible. She currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Her first book, Go Beyond Resilience Find Your Grit, celebrates her first half century. In it she shares this message to get more people to embrace the discomfort necessary to live their best lives instead of playing small to suit those around them.

Her book, published by Austin Macauley Publishers is available on Amazon and elsewhere. (Affliate link used.)

Book cover: Go Beyond Resilience by Coach K (Karen Flynn)

Fun and Unusual facts about Karen

  • I’m a sucker for manual labour – I’d happily landscape a garden, or paint a house. I love the satisfaction of such physical projects!
  • I am so looking forward to owning a few hens.
  • and having fresh eggs…
  • … and something special on my bucket list is to drive across Canada. Soon!!

Get the Free Resource

Karen is offering not only her regular free discovery session, she’ll add 1.5 hours of coaching, and if relevant, consultancy on their business if they are entrepreneurs. To qualify for the extra time and advice, be sure to mention that you read this post and watched this interview. Request a free discovery session with Karen here.

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Website: www.coachkmentorship.com/

Your Turn

How do you handle those conversations that you know in advance will be difficult and uncomfortable? Have you been brave enough to risk rocking the boat?

How do you feel about Karen’s advice? What’s worked … or not worked … for you?

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