On today’s Fast Action Fridays were talking bundles and giveaway virtual events with my special guest, Val Selby, an online events management expert.

Val has honed her online business management skills over the last 15+ years. And, while she does many tasks well, she really started enjoying her own business more when she realized how much she enjoys helping others create engaging communities and managing virtual events, such as virtual summits, bundles, and giveaways.

She says, “I get nerdy excited trying to figure out a new idea for hosting something for a client.

You’ll get a taste of that nerdy excitement … along with her expertise … when you check out this week’s episode. And, don’t forget to grab Val’s free checklist, Are You Ready To Host A Virtual Event?

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More about Val

She’s lived in the Seattle, Washington, area for all but a few years of her life.

Owning my big personality was one of the best things I ever did for my business.

Val Selby

“Owning my big personality,” say Val, “was one of the best things I ever did for my business. After some years of floundering because I was trying to copy what was working for others and definitely hiding my real personality, I took an 18 month internship at Love People + Make Money and it changed everything.”

Married to her high school sweetheart with their kids now grown, Val says, “Now it’s all about us and my growing businesses. I want to be able to travel even more when the world opens back up. Laptops thankfully make it possible to work from anywhere.

Fun and Unusual facts about Val in her own words:

  • I inherited a Jeep Rubicon 4 years ago and I didn’t know I could love a possession so much. There are times I’ll just go out to the garage and look at it because it’s my happy place and since I work from home it doesn’t get driven much.
  • I hold the record in our family for biggest fish caught. I go fishing for the tan and downtime on the water, but I’m totally ok with holding the family record too.
  • Last year we moved to a town of less than 2,000 last year and it’s awesome to walk to everything. Hubby and I grew up in a town that felt very much like this place does. Fun fact: it has amazing fiber optic internet and is so much faster than the busy place we moved from.

Get the Free Resource

Val has a helpful checklist called, Are You Ready To Host A Virtual Event? You can get it free by clicking here.

Go here if you’re interested in learning more about the Bundle, Summit, and Giveaway Management help Val can provide.

Other ways to connect with Val:

Her website: ValSelby.com

Your Turn

Val likes to remind other to “Live Boldly“. I think deciding to host your own first virtual bundle or giveaway event qualifies as living boldly! Have you ever hosted such an event in the past?

Did you do it all yourself? Did you partner with someone and share the multitude of tasks? What changes in managing a virtual event would you change in the future? Do you have an idea for an event but really want help managing it?

Please share in the comments below or in the Rocking Your Path Community on Facebook.

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