Do you think much about the type of personality you have? Do you think it is what it is? Sort of born with it … stuck with it? Or are you master of your own personality, understanding its particular nuances so you can expertly guide it along life’s pathways?

That’s what we’re exploring in today’s Fast Action Fridays episode. My guest Sue Ryan is not only a Master Trainer and business consultant, she understands at a deep personal level how our personalities can deeply impact the quality of the lives we live, as well as the lives of those around us.

What we know about ourselves can help us to navigate the ups and downs in ways that allow us to feel more joyful and successful. And what we don’t know can derail our best intentions, unexpectedly darken our moods, making us cross and irritable, and definitely not feeling in control.

This episode will be of particular interest to the growing number of caregivers who love those in their care yet struggle to understand how to deal with the constantly changing emotional bumps and ruts.

Be sure to listen to the end and let us know if you find what Sue shares helpful in your life and business

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Massive acceptance. Radical presence.

Sue Ryan

More about Sue

Sue Ryan sees a world where awakened and curious people make the positive impact they are meant to, feeling satisfied with their contributions and living their best lives feeling fulfilled.

For nearly thirty-five years, she’s been guiding business professionals to become their greatest leading themselves and others, modeling this with individuals and teams, from entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 C-Suite leaders. Through their partnership, clients have collectively recognized hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue gains and operational efficiency improvements, sales and operational teams consistently deliver results driven and record-breaking performance, and individuals feel satisfied with their success and fulfilled through the positive impact of their contributions.

At the same time, Sue has been positively navigating roles as a caregiver for friends and family members including her grandmother, father, and husband. When her first caregiving experience began, she felt frightened, overwhelmed, frustrated, and like she was on an emotional roller coaster – often blindfolded. She didn’t know what to do, how to do it, or where to get help. She’s learned a lot!

Sue is passionate about sharing what she’s learned. She does this through what she loves most – mentoring, teaching, coaching, communicating as a speaker and author

I loved this additional insight Sue shared with me:

“When I began my professional career I was taught to keep the different aspects of my life separated. I didn’t talk about details of my personal life at work and, in the role of sales, I only spoke about it at a very high level.

“This meant that for most of my professional career while I was also in roles of caregiving support, I didn’t share this. I definitely wasn’t ashamed of it, just [thought] to keep it separate. I also didn’t share details of my professional life in the caregiving community.

“When I originally launched my business, I had 2 separate brands, one for each of the two audiences. The more I shared my content, the more I recognized that I had already been incorporating valuable lessons from each aspect of my life into each other.

“I am a better caregiver because of my professional experience – and vice versa. The common foundations of each and the lessons shared from one brand to the other called to me to bring the brands together. My passion to make a positive impact in the lives of others through guiding them to become their greatest leading themselves and others is my overarching vision.”

Are you in a caregiving role and feeling exhausted mentally, physically, or emotionally? Do you feel like you should be doing more and aren’t sure what? Are you overwhelmed and not sure what to expect next?

Learn even more about Sue by checking her book out on Amazon [affiliate link], Our Journey of Love: 5 Steps to Navigate Your Caregiving Journey.

Fun and Unusual facts about Sue:

  • Blackbelt in karate.
  • The world’s luckiest Nana to 5 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.
  • Raised and showed American Quarter Horses for 20 years
  • Earned her master’s degree at the age of 60.

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Other ways to connect with Sue:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sueryansolutions
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Website: sueryan.solutions/
Amazon Author Page [aff link]: Susan J Ryan

Your Turn

Who’s the master of your personality? Listening to Sue I realized I’m not as in charge of my own as much as I liked to believe I was.

What was your biggest take-away from this episode?

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