Chef Dennis D. SturtzDelighted to announce that my Fast Action Fridays special guest for Sept 5th is Chef Dennis D. Sturtz.

Seems the perfect fit to kick off the September theme of Healthy Harvesting.

He’ll be sharing tips of how to harvest wisely when your buying choices are limited by time, money, and location to your traditional local grocery stores.

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Copy and paste: http://bit.ly/faf-fbgrp

Got Questions?

Chef Dennis is an experienced restaurant & catering executive chef. He also and loves cooking at home, to which my expanded waistline is testament, and teaching part-time at Baker College Culinary Institute of Michigan. Plus, he loves teaching local private and small group cooking classes from our home base in Pigeon and elsewhere throughout the upper “Thumb”.

Full disclosure … Yes, I am the lucky gal married to this wonderful man. 🙂

And, yes, he does most of the cooking at home. And … get this … most of the grocery shopping and cleaning up afterwards, including the dishes, pots and pans. He considers this his downtime, when he does some of his deepest thinking. What can I say? I’m too smart to question his motives.

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