Fall is in the air.  The smell of the leaves, the brilliant colors are starting to come into the Michigan area already.  This is a time to let go of the old, just let it drift away like the leaves falling off the trees.  They fall to the ground to be reused by nature as mulch, creating fertilizer for our grass.  Let the old fall away, give it time to renew itself, and be presented to us in a wonderful new fashion.

Do you remember when your parents used the fallen leaves to protect rosebushes and other perennials during the winter?  The leaves decomposed, protecting and fertilizing them all winter long.  When
spring came, and we uncovered the plants, most of the time, you would already see new green shoots sprouting up.

Now is the time to let go of what is not working in your life.  Do not worry about what will take its place.  Allow yourself to rest, and renew yourself, since we are in a Mercury Retrograde, at least until the middle of October.  Don’t force anything to come into play right now.  Give yourself time to review the past, rehash plans for the future,and rest.

On another note, if anyone has been keeping up with news, the past few weeks have been doom and gloom for our financial system in this country.  If this news upsets you, turn off the TV, the radio, and do not read the newspaper.  Money is not more important than love.  Family, friends, loved ones are the most important.  Count your blessings, especially in the little things.  Wake up in the morning and give thanks for the day, and what it will bring.  When retiring at night, give thanks for what the day has brought.

Remember the promise that we will be taken care of, just as the flowers and trees, birds and animals are.  We are made in Spirit’s image.  Enjoy the beautiful vistas that are being created around you and know that you are taken care of.



Monica, a professional psychic medium and reader for over 10 years, is a Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Reflexologist, and on staff at the Integrated Studies of Sedona (AZ) School. She is also a regular reader for Reader/Healer Night at the Integrated Center for Well Being in Plymouth, MI.

Learn more at: www.monicatokar.com

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