I hope everyone is keeping warm. In Michigan, it has been a long, hard, cold winter already and we still have two months to go. I relish the days when the sun comes out for even a little while. It keeps me hopeful for spring.

This is the perfect time to nest. Staying home with loved ones, watching movies, cooking, etc., all helps us realize what is really important in our lives. Having a warm place to stay, food on the table, a job to go to and loved ones surrounding us are the most important things. This time has been coming upon us slowly. Now with the economic times we face, more and more, people are going back to what really matters. This is a time of truth. What and who do we want to stay truthful to? What are the best things and situations going on in our life that we want to keep and treasure? What can we let go and put to the wayside that is no longer working in our lives? Now is the time for the reflection, the remembering and the recharging of our souls. When spring comes, we will then be able to face the new beginning of spring with courage, and with new commitment to ourselves and our loved ones.

As you are getting ready to make changes for the better in your life, always remember to speak your truth. If you find that sometimes your words seem harsh call on Angel Gabriel to help you put the words in a way that the message will be received without resentment and anger. Don’t worry about what others will say. Many light workers are being called upon at this time to speak their truth. Many light workers are also being called upon to remember to listen to others and their truth, also. Try to remain open to change, to enlightenment, and most of all, to love.



Monica, a professional psychic medium and reader for over 10 years, is a Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Reflexologist, and on staff at the Integrated Studies of Sedona (AZ) School. She is also a regular reader for Reader/Healer Night at the Integrated Center for Well Being in Plymouth, MI.

Learn more at: www.monicatokar.com

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