I hope that everyone was able to enjoy at least some of the summer.  Mine was very hectic, but I saw a lot of family, did a lot of traveling, and enjoyed my backyard whenever I could.  Please remember to get outside whenever you can.

September is a month to keep manifesting, especially new beginnings, if you have a birthday this month.

I looked up the word “manifest” recently.  The meaning surprised me some.  The word “manifest” means completed or already done.  When you manifest, you have to believe that what you are putting out to the universe is already completed,  the universe has already taken care of it, and is just waiting for you to ask.  This thought process will help you to manifest more quickly, knowing and believing that it is already taken care of for you.

I also ask that you try to let things go with the flow more often.  What I mean is that if something is not working out exactly as you want, tell yourself it will soon.  If you are concerned about a loved one, be it a kid off to college, an elderly parent, or someone who is ill, be sure to give it up to the universe.  A visualization that I use when I am worried or stressed is to sit still for a minute.

Close your eyes and ask the angels to send down baskets with lids on them.

Put all your  concerns in a basket one by one, and the angels putting the lid on it, and taking it to heaven to be healed.

If you are like me, you need the lid on the basket because the concern will come right out and back to you.  Keep doing this until you’ve gone through the entire list.

Know that they will be taken care of and are being taken care of right now.

Now open your eyes, forget about them for a while, and continue to do what you were doing.


Monica, a professional psychic medium and reader for over 10 years, is a Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Reflexologist, and on staff at the Integrated Studies of Sedona (AZ) School. She is also a regular reader for Reader/Healer Night at the Integrated Center for Well Being in Plymouth, MI.

Learn more at: www.monicatokar.com

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