It’s April 27, 2020, just four more days until the April 2020 Ultimate Blog Challenge ends. With my blog plans mapped out through the 30th, I’m confident I’ll finish successfully.

Creating and publishing 30 new blog posts here this month was just one of my main goals. Check out my short video to learn what the others were, why I set them, and the status of each at this time. Prefer to read? See the summary below the video.

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Summary of My 3 Goals

I set three main goals prior to starting the April 2020 Ultimate Blog Challenge.

  1. Commit to creating and publishing 30 new blog posts during April, one per day. — I could have created a series of related posts ahead of time and scheduled them to roll out one by one, perhaps using PLR material, but that would not have supported my intent to improve my habit of writing and publishing new content.
    — For me, this time at least. I had different goals when I participated in the past.
  2. Create Cornerstone content. — Meaning of those 30 new posts, I wanted some of them to represent who I am as a person, as well as what I bring to my programs as business mentor and coach.
    — Not sure what cornerstone content is? Click here for an excellent overview from the creators of the YOAST SEO plugin that includes details about why establishing cornerstone content is important to have on your website, and how to identify your cornerstone content so search engines recognize it.
  3. Develop a post image design template. — The intent was to improve my branding and support the design changes I’ve started implementing across my site. Around May 1st, you’ll see a brand new home page in place as part of that branding redesign process.
    — Because of my own eclectic nature, as well as the multi-passions and interests of my clients and target market, I ended up creating several new post image design templates.
    — There’s the basic post image template, that was used for this post. I created separate designs for my Quick Tech Tip and SPOTLIGHT Sunday posts. The Virtual Summit 2019 replay post images were also created with special layouts.
    — While each template is different, I still feel there is harmony between each that helps visually represent my overall brand and personality. You can judge for yourself by scrolling through the blog post excerpts by clicking the Blog link in the site navigation bar.


Do you establish goals for yourself? Did you participated in the April 2020 Ultimate Blog Challenge?

Please share your thoughts and feedback in the Comments.

  • I have written more this month than I think I have since I started my blog! My goal wasn’t so much writing every day for 30 days as it was writing every other day. That was enough to get me writing without the pressure. Thanks for the link to what cornerstone content is — that will be very helpful!

  • Hey, that’s great that you accomplished all of your goals. This challenge is the first one in a while that I didn’t take weekends off. And I did a combination of posts I already had written and new ones that I wrote for the weekend posts. So I am excited to have a post for each day this time! Some of my posts this month were cornerstone content, though I wrote some and posted it on the website to have in place before the challenge. And I have some planned for the next few months.

    • Congratulations on accomplishing your goals! My main goal for the challenge is to write a blog each day for the challenge month and then how to stay on a track of posting at least one if not two per week in the months to follow. I don’t stack my blogs up ahead of time either, to me the challenge is to write every day not schedule them ahead of time. Wish me luck at continuing my hopefully 2 blogs per week!

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