Do you know the nuances of your personality type? Have you mastered how to capitalize on your strengths based on your personality and the needs as a human you have?

Today’s Fast Action Fridays guest Maureen Ross Gemme shares some great advice about understanding the facets of your personality along with tips to help you manage your choices in life and business in light of them.

I especially enjoyed learning from Maureen that while we have different needs based on our personality type, we all share the same six basic needs as human beings. You’ll learn about both those topics during our interview.

Be sure to listen to the end to also learn what the single most important thing for each of us can do in order to do and be our best happy and effective self.

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I believe inner leadership, self-management, self-reflection, and self-growth leads to personal growth.

Maureen Ross Gemme

More about Maureen

Maureen is an ex-corporate educator, who turned entrepreneur when she founded Emerge Leadership Academy in 2013. She became a leadership trainer traveling across New England training about 70 classes a year until 2020.

Before launching her successful business as a dynamic speaker, educator and leadership coach from her Connecticut office, Maureen Ross Gemme enjoyed a 27 year career at a Fortune 200 company. After experiencing a major life transformation in her 20’s, Maureen learned early on what it takes to advance and grow in a highly matrixed business organization.

She has a masters in education and says she LOVES learning. That enthusiasm definitely showed during our interview! What she shares is equally valid if we are leaders in a corporate environment or a single leader of our own lives.

During her corporate years Maureen was recognized for her expertise in process management, leadership, training and communications. Maureen has a breadth of experience including leading remote training teams, rolling out multi-million dollar technology systems training across the enterprise, improving processes and documentation in all 13 departments she worked in and managing large scale leadership events.

Maureen is passionate about helping her clients overcome their fears, develop confidence to present their ideas solidly and lead others so they can live up to their full potential and move their business and life forward.

  • Her Book: Emerge: 7 Steps to Transformation (No Matter What Life Throws At You!)
  • Her Digital Course: Recovery@Work: Create your brightest future with confidence and clarity.
  • Her Podcast: Emerge. Evolve. Lead. A podcast for people in recovery (from addiction), discussing how people in recovery can step into leadership using their personality and their spirituality to create more empathetic leaders in business.

Fun and Unusual facts about Maureen:

  • Has 4 beautiful grandchildren who live 2 miles down the street.
  • Loves touring across the country on my motorcycle.
  • Has been clean and sober since 1985 (24 years old).

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You’ll find the interesting leadership personality quiz Maureen spoke of here.

Find out what type of animal best represents your leadership style by taking Maureen’s free quiz her.

Other ways to connect with Maureen:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/emergentleadership
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/maureenrossgemme
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mrgmentor
Website: http://www.emergeleadershipacademy.com/

Your Turn

Do you let your personality get the best of you at times?

Full disclosure … I do … but I’m always working to improve myself so really valued the advice Maureen shared with me on what to focus on most to enhance my personal growth. It was around the 19:40 mark in recording.

I’d love knowing more about you and your personality, along with how you’ve been able to harness its nuances to enjoy life more and rock your unique path in life and business.

Please share in the comments below or in the Rocking Your Path Community on Facebook.

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