How many of these items are on your own Favorites list?  Thanks for sharing, Les!

Sunrise on East River Farm

The Simple Things    

I enjoy the simple things in life 

The warmth of the sun, the smell of rain
A hot cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning
The smell of fresh clean sheets
Gazing at the stars on a warm summer night
Frost covered trees on a sunny winter morning
A warm coat
The feel of a child’s hand inside of mine
The smell of fresh spring air
The sun setting over a clear blue lake
A walk in the forest An evening with friends
A good laugh Words of encouragement
A sincere thank you
A friendly smile A nice warm hug
A gentle kiss And the words "I love you"

© 2004 Les Roggenbuck

Reading that makes spring and summer feel a little closer than the calendar shows. And the photo's gorgeous. I just cropped it a bit from one Les has posted on Facebook. Watch for future guest posts from Les, Brian Smith, Crystal, and other 56Vibes friends!

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