“Abundance is a process of letting go; that which is empty can receive.”

~ Bryant H. McGill

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Kat's prosperity stashUPDATE: Congratulations to Candice Sinai for winning the private coaching package with me following the Feb. 13th Prosperity Scavenger Hunt challenge. Candice will be my guest for the Fast Action Fridays show on Feb. 20th. Click here for more details and join the Rocking Your Path Community on Facebook here.

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Well, I was so excited getting the hunt underway that screwed up part of the recording this morning ( Feb 13th) and had to do a little retaping and editing. Of course, just part of the shenanigans we expect on a Friday the 13th, right.  

Do take time to listen to the replay if you didn’t make the live call. In it you’ll hear what guest host, Deborah St. Hilaire of w4divas.com knows she has stashed away, plus more examples and advice than covered in the recap below. 

You are curious, aren’t you, about the value of participating in a virtual prosperity scavenger hunt? I mean, what’s the big deal, right?

Well, it is a big deal when you let what’s causing you to hoard lots of goodies comes from a scarcity mindset … or not feeling good enough to waste something special.

By the way, if you saw any of the promos on Facebook this week, I’ve made a change to the deadline for entries to the random drawing. I’ve given everyone more time. Listen to replay or see end of this post for all the goodies included in the random drawing giveaway worth over $500 to one lucky listener.

Entry Deadline: Sunday, February 15, 2015 at 9:00pm (eastern time)

Now, if you’re reading this and missed your chance to win the big private coaching package detailed below, you can still get an complementary strategy session with me. Apply here.

I highly encourage everyone to take part in the prosperity hunt regardless of the giveaway deadline. You’ve got nothing to lose (except some of your scarcity mindset) and actual good stuff worth real dollars and cents! What’s not to like about that!

I’ll be accepting entries for the Fast Action Fridays Prosperity Scavenger Hunt Giveaway until 9:00 pm (eastern) Sunday night Feb 15th. Note that winner will be chosen from a random draw of qualifying entries using random.org. 

Ready to start your hunt for prosperity?

Here’s what you need to do. Be sure to complete all 5 steps:

1. Spend no more than 15 minutes searching your home and gathering as many unopened, unused items of value that you been deliberately avoiding using, have postponed using until some vague time in the future (Ex: when guests come, when you’re feeling better, for a special meal or event.).

The goal is to find as many hidden prosperity items as you can in 15 minutes. But of all that you find, include no more than 5 that are of the previously or partially used items in the photo you submit AND in your calculated estimate of value.  
[For example, my prosperity stash photo included with this post, only three of the items shown have been previously opened and partially used. The tin of saffron, my favorite pen, and the little red Moleskin notebook.]

2. Take a photo of what you’ve gathered.

3. Calculate the value in dollars (to best of your ability) of the items collected.

4. Write a short statement about why you feel you haven’t used these items. Be specific by naming one or two of the items and your vibes and mindset about them. 

Remember this is a Rocking Your Path fast action exercise to help you get off stuck and out from under overwhelm, frustration, and despair.

Here are six examples of how you might feel when finding or reviewing your prosperity stash, and while you’ve haven’t used it:
• Didn’t want to waste it
• Thought it was too special, unique, or valuable for you to use
• Didn’t feel worthy of owning or using it
• Forgot you had it
• No longer like or want it
• Kept telling yourself it would make for a good gift to give someone else someday

 You get that those are excuses, right?

5. Post the photo, your estimated dollar value, AND your short statement in the Rocking Your Path Community on Facebook OR you can email them to me at kat @ rockingyourpath.com (be sure to remove the extra spaces in that email. 🙂 )

Here what you could win:

Bridges to Success – Custom Coaching Package with Kat Sturtz that includes:
• 30 minute Introductory Strategy Session
• 2 private coaching sessions (60 minutes each by phone, Skype or in-person)
• 15 minute Guided Quick Negative Energy Scan
• Quick Call, Email, Messaging Support
• Next Step Action Kit**: 5 Tools to Get You Moving and Rocking Your Unique Path with Clarity and Confidence. 

Plus Special Bonus
• 2 free 30 minute private Ask The Chef call with Chef Dennis D. Sturtz of You Can Cuisine

** Just want the NSAT kit? Get it here.

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What did you find of value during your Prosperity Scavenger Hunt? What insights did you gain? Did you use the exercise to invigorate yourself and improve your sense of richness and wealth? Did you fall into an old pattern of despair or disgust about what you have and have not?

Do you have advice to share with other readers? 

Please share your experiences in the comment section.


  • What a great idea! I’m sorry I missed the deadline, but wow, so much fun!

    I am really feeling prosperous now that I’ve taken all my art supplies out of the closet and put them on my art table. I’m using them; I feel so abundant and giddy to be using all the wonderful stuff I’ve collected.


    • I’m sorry that you missed the deadline, too, Sue, but delighted you found the exercise useful and productive anyway. Thank you for taking time to share your feedback and abundant results.

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