Wavy sun“Decoding the Universe’s Personal Messages to You” is a workshop I taught at Maria Shaw's Cosmic Connections Conventions in Midland, Michigan, in September 2007. The workshop focused on learning to identify and interpret the intuitive signs and symbols uniquely available to each of us at three different levels. During the workshop participants paired up and had an opportunity to do a mini-reading for each other focusing on what signs and symbols they received intuitively that they found easier to interpret because they were able to recognize the personal connection either the reader or one being read had to a particular image, feeling, or sensation.

It's a topic near and dear to my heart and one I'm asked about a lot in casual conversations, as well as during private and group readings. I love that with the help of my spirit guides I am able to help others learn to recognize and interpret their own personal signs and symbols. I'm also busy working on a new book focusing on this issue that I hope to complete by end of November this year.

Today I thought I'd share a brief summary of the three basic identification levels for signs and symbols.

1.      Universal – those are the ones that have the same or similar meanings for each of us, such as a “heart” indicating love, warmth or compassion.

2.      Cultural – those that we relate to in particular ways because of our heritage, culture, ethnic, geographical location, education or religious training and experiences. An image of an American flag would be interpreted differently by a conservative and patriotic American citizen compared with how a Middle Eastern Turk or Muslim might view it.

3.      Personal – those that are unique to each of us because of our individual personalities, likes and dislikes, experiences, fears, loves, desires, curiousity, behavior, upbringing, etc. For example, during a reading I’ve learned over time that for me intuitively “seeing” a bowl of bread dough rising usually indicates how someone’s emotions are rising or depleting concerning a particular issue. For someone else, that same image might indicate a grandmother figure or cooking successes or failures, or even a medical yeast-related problem.

Give this topic some thought. Consider the signs and symbols you receive. As you interpret their meanings, look for a connection as to what group level of interpretation each sign and symbol belongs to. Keep in mind that you may receive a sign one time for which a universal interpretation is appropriate, and that same sign another time may be best interpreted from a personal level.

What are some of the personal level signs and symbols you receive?

Please share by adding your comment below.

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