Ever come across a cool website and wonder what theme it’s using? In today’s Quick Tech Tip I’ll show you a quick and easy way to discover what theme that site is using.

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Have you ever wanted to tell what WordPress theme someone is using or even another type of website platform someone is using? I’m on Carla Watkins’ site. It’s a beautiful site and I am curious about what she’s using. So this is what I’m going to do.

I’m going to right click my mouse in the Chrome browser and I’m going to choose page source, view page source. And that’s going to open up the coding for her site in a new window. Now, if I try to find the theme in here, it’s going to take me a while because there is just so much going on.

But, if I go up to the three little hamburger dots on the Chrome browser screen. And I click the dots to get the drop down menu. Look for find and click find. I can tell the system what to look for. In this case, I wanted to find the word theme in all of this code. And you can see that there are 36 instances of the word theme.

Now I’m just going to quickly go through them until I come up with the one that’s telling me what WordPress theme she’s using. Let’s go through. It’s not that, and this is all about the dark theme. So a lot of these you can go quickly, but here Theme, Name, so she’s using the Divi theme. It’s from Elegant Themes Gallery Divi.

If we go back to her site, now I know what she’s using. It’s a beautiful site. I’m not particular, a particular fan of using Divi myself, but I do know many people who use it and love it and create wonderful. themes with it. That’s my quick tip for today. It’s Kat Sturtz from RockingYourPath.com.

Want to know what theme I am using? You now know how to figure that out! Or …

… I’ll just tell you. LOL It’s Thrive Theme Builder which is available as part of the complete Thrive Suite (which I have and love) or in a less expensive lite version that includes the Thrive Theme Builder theme and a lite version of Thrive Architect, full of awesome site builder features. Check it out here. (Yep. My affiliate link)


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