Oh, what a treat it was having Jennifer Sutton as my guest for this week’s Fast Action Fridays show. She’s got a wonderful take on a business angle that everyone should be familiar with: ROI.

Traditionally, ROI is an acronym for the term Return On Investment. We all want to generate a good return on our investments of time, money, and resources, including labor and emotional expense.

A small business owner in upstate New York, Jennifer’s focus is on helping people let go of the things that are stopping them from being who they really are, and not just in business. “Each one of us is a huge gift to the world,” says Jennifer. “And I’m trying to help people see their gift and step into their gift.”

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If we aren’t being our selves totally, who are we being?

That’s a question I asked Jennifer and I loved her answer.

“Exactly,” says Jennifer. “Most of us haven’t asked that question (of ourselves). We don’t even know who we want to be much less who we really are underneath all of the things that people have told us that we are.”

Many of the questions we normally ask ourselves essentially keep us stuck because our brains tell us we already know the answer so we ignore exploring certain issues and situations any further. Same input = same output.

The Results-Oriented Inquiry program Jennifer has created works to break that same in-same out-cycle by prompting individuals to ask themselves the right questions in order to get new results, new answers. And she focuses on doing it in a fun way. Don’t we all want more fun in our work, in our relationships, in our lives?

Listen to our interview to learn more about Jennifer’s approach, how to phrase the questions you ask yourself differently, and her fun collection of What If cards. Be sure to see the link to download a free digital selection for your personal use.

Are you in touch with your “Fast Brain”? You’ll learn about that, too.

Fun and Unusual facts about Jennifer:

  • In my high school yearbook, I was named the senior with the Best Laugh. I think they meant the loudest laugh, but I’ll take it as a compliment that they heard me laugh and remembered it. People still recognize me by my laugh. I’ll be in a workshop and someone I haven’t seen in a long time will hear me laugh and come talk to me at break time. They didn’t recognize my face, but they remembered my laugh. That’s okay with me. 🙂
  • By the time I was 22, I’d already had at least five close brushes with death. It made me appreciate every moment of this beautiful life at a young age. Now that it’s been a long time since my last scare, though, I’ve lost that edge and I have to seek it more intentionally. Not danger…just appreciation for the gift of every day.
  • I was an exchange student in Liberia, West Africa, in the Fall of 1989. In the first month there, I was abducted by a man with an M16, in a major car accident (that left me with a very bad back – finally healed in 1996 by chiropractic!), had malaria, and had an adverse reaction to antibiotics I was given for an infection in an open cut on my leg. I lost most of my hearing through one or all of these issues – we don’t know which…I didn’t realize it had gotten bad until the spring of 1990. My hearing has continued to get worse and without hearing aids I’m mostly deaf. But I wouldn’t take it back. I’d still go to Liberia at that age and experience all those things again.

    I learned so much about ME in that period that it was all worth it. I also experience something I didn’t even know existed – unconditional love at a community level. I had no idea it was even possible. I hold that memory in my heart as I lean into the challenges in the US at this time in our history.

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Click here to get a free digital sample selection of Jennifer’s What If Wellness Cards. They will help you with your own Results-Oriented Inquiries.

Other ways to connect Jennifer:

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/whatifwellness
Instagram: @whatifwellness
Her website: http://whatifwellness.net/

Your Turn

What are some What If questions you could be asking yourself so you can change your future for the better?

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