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Rachel Heslin

Special Guest Rachel Heslin of The Fullness of Your Power joined Host Kat Sturtz on December 5th to tackle the question of whether you can really rock the holidays and relax at the same time. We agreed it’s possible, yet often requires some conscious effort.

Rachel Heslin has been fascinated since childhood by how we reconcile the thoughts in our head with the lives we create. Her warmth and compassion are fueled by a delightful curiosity about ever-expanding possibilities, and she loves to help others identify and deeply connect with their true strength in order to have a powerful impact on the world. Her upcoming book, Navigating Life: 8 Simple Strategies to Guide Your Way, is scheduled for release within the next few weeks in time for the new year.

When it comes to being able to maintain balance and enjoy the holiday season from a more relaxed state of mind, reconciling the thoughts spinning in our heads is an important step.

For example, if you’re feeling burdened by the thought “I have to send out holiday cards” pause and ask yourself: Is that really true? Do you HAVE to send out holiday cards?

Is it time for a change?

Perhaps you’ve mailed holiday cards each year out of a feeling of social obligation or upholding a family tradition. Yet, if you don’t enjoy the project … if just the thought of fitting the time into an already tight schedule makes you cringe … or you’d really rather save the money spent on cards and postage for a personally more meaningful project … then you need to get honest with your answer to Do you HAVE to send out holiday cards?

Be sure to listen to the replay for additional advice on dealing with your assumptions of how others will react if you don’t send out those cards this year.

Here’s a summary of the three coping tips Rachel shared:

•  Identify & assess your expectations
•  Accept scary What Ifs
•  Act as if everything is an adventure

I’m not certain who first said happiness is a journey, not a destination, but it’s one of my favorite quotes.

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You can download Rachel’s ebook, The Map of Your Life, as a free download directly from her website, The Fullness of Your Power, and also from Barnes & Noble online or the Apple Store.

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Are you super sensitive? Perhaps an empath who too easily absorbs the stress others develop during the holiday season?

Do you have family members who insist on maintaining certain family traditions, such as sharing a huge dinner together, but expect you to carry the bulk of the burden to cook and host and clean up each year?

Are you tired of feeling you must buy gifts for everyone you know, plus have a few extra generic ones tucked away in case an unexpected guest drops by with a gift for you?

What old traditions have you let slip away? And what new traditions have you or your family started?

Share the ups and downs of how you rock the holiday season below. What you share will likely resonate with someone else … and might help them find some unexpected joy and stress-relief.


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