It’s always a special delight when one of my favorite mentors agrees to share their expertise with on my Fast Action Fridays show. 

Watch the replay from June 3, 2016 below or directly on YouTube here. Keep reading to learn about Jen and review a partial summary of the terrific tips she shared to help you improve your social media profiles.

Meet Jen Lehner, Digital Marketing Strategist

Jen Lehner, Social Media Strategist


Jen Lehner began her career in non-profit, which taught her how to be resourceful in her marketing. The first in her crowd to get email, sell on eBay, and find a husband on America Online, Jen has always been fascinated by technology, and the power it holds to allow us to take control of our destiny, and connect us.

After launching a local marketing firm to help businesses learn to use digital tools to grow their businesses, Jen saw that the demand for this training was even larger than she anticipated.

She created JenLehner.com and now sells online courses that teach entrepreneurs how to use social media and digital tools to grow their businesses.

She is also a new course author with Lynda (a LinkedIn company), and founder of  The Front Row, a free online classroom for entrepreneurs. Connect with Jen on her Facebook page, Jen Lehner

Jen’s Fast Action Tips –
Listen to the replay to learn more and how to take action

1. Up the quality of your social media profile. The quality of your social media profile photo is important to the consistency and effectiveness of your branding.

2. Make a choice about the type of branding you want for yourself. Apply it consistently and move on. Don’t get stuck in planning and tweaking.

3. Use your banner space wisely. You can have your default banner be an evergreen offer. But consider changing them out regularly to help promote your freebies and upcoming programs. 

4. Include a “clickable” button on your banner. Note that the button itself may not be clickable, but the banner often is … and provides additional opportunities to give viewers more info and links. 

Originally recorded on Blab. 


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    • I hear you! Adding descriptions to my Facebook page and group cover photos was the first thing I did after learning that tip from Jen. Just remembered that I think I still need to do it for my personal page cover photo, too. Won’t hurt! 🙂

  • Hey Kat,

    Outstanding article and will definitely be listening to the replay. In regards to my efforts with social media, I am still in my infancy with it and will be working on learning what I can to build a solid following on social media.

    Will be following more in the future.

    • Thank you for the kind words, John. There’s always more to learn and test to see what works best for each of us, especially since social media is a dynamic environment, never static, always changing.

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