No sense tickling my creative vibes into producing a flurry of pretty words and sentences when the folks over at The Whole Brain Group already said it so succinctly about why you might find the infographic below so useful. I’ll let them tell you:

“If you find yourself stumped at the prospect of using social media marketing to promote your business, our simple guide can help. Follow these easy suggestions to create a consistent social media internet marketing presence on multiple channels.” – WBG

You can get a free downloadable copy for yourself directly from the folks over at The Whole Brain Group just by clicking here … or on the infographic.

KAT’s Fast Action Tips to rock this checklist even more:

  • Don’t try to do everything! Pick 2 or 3 social media platforms to focus on first. Wait until you’ve got a decent consistent stride going before adding another to your marketing mix.
  • Create a project template with action steps to track your progress and results from the sections within each SM platform. Expect to tweak your custom templates and tracking sheets over time. Your goal is to make it as easy and effective for YOU to move forward and reap the rewards.
  • Stop spinning your wheels if confused or stuck. Take a break.  Are you trying to to do too much? Are you worried about getting it perfect? Have trouble letting go of what others might think? If you’d like some help, click here to apply for a complimentary strategy session with me.

Sensible Social Media Checklist for Business v.3.0 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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