Group meditation at Virginia BeachI’m often asked whether or not someone should attend a psychic-related event, such as a psychic fun fair, or body-mind-spirit show or even a privately hosted psychic party.

This question came up again today in connection to Maria Shaw‘s 2nd Annual Midland Cosmic Connections Convention (Oct 24-26 2008, Midland, Michigan.

Here’s how she worded her question:

“If anyone is thinking of possibly going [to the convention] in October but can’t decide, what would you say to them?”

Here’s what Maria told her:

Listen to your vibes. Are you feeling drawn to attend? Is your curiosity getting the best of you? Are you running out of excuses not to go? Have you been asking for divine help?

There’s an ancient and well-known adage that says, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

Attending the conference offers many opportunities to meet new teachers.

Truth is, once you open yourself up to accessing your sixth sense, all sorts of opportunities, many you may never even knew existed, will start opening up to you.

You’ll be contemplating a dream you had recently and someone will suddenly mention a book about dream interpretation. You’ll be drawn to the audio department at a store you’ve never been in before and find a meditation collection that wakes up your senses.  Along with the usual junk, one day you’ll find a pamphlet inviting you to attend a class on intuition or psychic development.

That happened to my sister, Linda, a few years ago. We’d been chatting about what we’d been learning from a few books and audio programs by Caroline Myss and Sonia Choquette’s and the some of the questions we still had when, bam, Linda finds a program brochure from The Conference Works! advertising a weekend seminar to be held in Indianapolis in a couple months featuring both Caroline Myss and Sonia Choquette! The same brochure arrived in my mail a couple days later. Need I say it?  🙂  Linda and I enjoyed a wonderful and inspiring weekend trip together!

So, listen to those vibes! What are they saying to you today?

PS You’ll find many of my favorite books and programs by Caroline Myss and Sonia Choquette in my Amazon store or do a search from the link in the sidebar. Two of my favorites is Sonia’s The Psychic Pathway and Caroline’s Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential.

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