The techie girl in me loves being selected as a Beta Tester for interesting new plugins and software. Even in its earliest stages of development, the Simple Quiz Engine proved fun to use and opened up for me a whole new level of thinking about using quizzes. And you know I only recommend resources I truly love.

sqe-coverAs a Beta Tester I reported early bugs I’d discovered, recommended features I thought would be useful additions, plus aired my views on what additional training and information I thought was needed to help future users get the most value from owning this plugin. 

Why this robust plugin is a game changer

Using questionnaires and quizzes is a great way to increase engagement with clients and followers. I love how the Simple Quiz Engine plug-in from NAMS makes creating them so easy, quick, and flexible.

From simple Q & A styles to more advanced ones that contain multiple bridges depending on an individual’s response. Plus, I have complete control over how and where I share the quizzes on my own WordPress sites using shortcodes, as well as what info is displayed once the quiz is completed. 

SQE even includes built-in integrations for several email management platforms, including my current favorite, ConvertKit.

Use it to boost your response rate

There’s nothing more frustrating than working hard on a post for hours (even days!) and getting little-to-no response.

It’s maddening!

But now there’s an answer to IMMEDIATELY boost audience
engagement . . . AND find out what your readers want most
at the same time!

Are you using the power of quizzes?

It’s no coincidence social media feeds are filled with quizzes.
Quizzes are interactive pieces of content that people love to share.

And the beauty of Simple Quiz Engine is that it helps you
design a perfect quiz that engages your audience AND tells
you exactly what they want at the same time.

It also lets you send your audience to offers which
solve their biggest problems on the spot (for an
INSTANT boost in sales!)

But you’ve got to act fast if you want to lock in your
purchase of Simple Quiz Engines at LIFETIME pricing
(no recurring fees ever if you purchase NOW!)

Learn more about why quizzes are hot right now and check out the demo video on this page:

Simple Quiz Engine demo

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P.S. If you’d like to discover more about building effective
funnels (without having to create products from scratch)
I’d highly recommend you check out OTO1.




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