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This week’s Fast Action Fridays topic was how to fix two common Facebook problems. In fact, the problems are the top two questions I’m asked, especially by those using Facebook to help promote themselves and their business. Be sure to see the bonus tip I included in the YOUR TURN Exercise section.

 The two questions are:

  1. How do I put live, clickable links on my Facebook profile wall and page so they show in the About sections?
  2. Why can’t I tag friends when I post comments on my own page like I can elsewhere on Facebook?

Before I share how easy it is to fix both those problems, plus give you an extra fast action tip, let me take a moment to give a shout-out to Maggie Lukowski of Maggie Moon Tarot and Harmony Light Reiki. She’s also co-host of the Personal Empowerment for Your Soul show on Blog Talk Radio with Jean Maurie Puhlman.

It was a treat having Maggie on the call April 25th sitting in the new Tipster of the Day seat. Be sure to check out the links to her sites and on Facebook, as well as her fast action tip below.

By the way, if you’d like to be volunteer to be the Tipster of the Day for a future Fast Action Fridays call and share a tip plus get some free marketing promotion, just post your request on my Facebook page or contact me here.

Fast Action Tip 1: How to add clickable links to the About section on your Facebook page

The procedure is super simple and easy, even for non-techies, when you know the trick. The trick is to include the full (complete) URL when you type it in. That means you must include the http:// portion of the URL.

That’s it. Easy peasy.

Examples of full URLs:

Website:  https://rockingyourpath.com
Facebook page: http://facebook.com/rockingyourpath

Fast Action Tip 2: Where to place the full URL to be easily seen and clickable

Be sure to place the full URL at the beginning or within the first 2 lines that display in the About section. Otherwise, visitors won’t see it unless they go to the trouble to click the word “About” and understand that it opens to display more information. Unfortunately, many don’t know (or remember) it’s a live link, and many that do just won’t go to the trouble to do it.

Think of the small portion of your About section that shows online as being like the “above the fold” part of a printed newspaper where only the main headline and a small portion of the full page are visible without opening up the newspaper. Just like many folks only skim the main headline and top front page of the newspaper that faces out from the newsstand, many visitors to your page will only glance at what shows on your page “above the fold” without having to scroll down.

Make it easy for visitors to read what you want them to notice. Don’t rely on readers to pick up the paper, flip it over or unfold it to read the assumed less interesting information underneath. When it comes to marketing, it’s your job to make it as easy as possible for interested prospects to follow through.

Fast Action Tip 3: How to tag friends while posting on your Facebook page

Again, the solution isn’t hard to correct once you know where to look and what to do. First, go to your page and  look to see if Facebook is saying “You are posting, commenting, and liking as [Your Page]” or as your [Your Facebook name].

If you are posting as “your Facebook page” you will not be able to tag your friends in your comments.

Change the option to “Post as [Your Facebook name]”. You will now be able to tag friends and networking buddies just as easily as you do posting on your profile wall or “home” or elsewhere on Facebook.

You can leave the setting to whichever you prefer. My choice is to change back to posting as my page and leave that as the default. I only switch to posting as me when I want to tag someone within a new comment on my page.

But, the choice is yours. To change the settings only takes a few clicks so don’t waste any time or energy worrying about which is better or best.

Notice that I’m posting as MY PAGE in the first image below. In the second image, I’m now posting as ME.

Facebook image 2

Facebook page image 1

Maggie Lukowski’s Fast Action Tip:  Use an app to save time staying active on Socia Media sites

Maggie recently starting using HootSuite to help her save time and energy posting regularly on social media sites including Facebook. She previously used the Buffer app to help schedule and automate some of her SM activity, but like me, found it increasingly unreliable and glitchy.

BTW, those are non-affiliate links for HootSuite and Buffer.

You can find Maggie on Facebook by clicking here.   Or visiting her websites: Maggie Moon Tarot and Harmony Light Reiki.

YOUR TURN Exercises – Time to start rocking your Facebook links and page tags

1. Add live links to your Facebook About sections on your profile wall and pages.

Here’s the format to use:

Website:  http://YOURWEBSITE.com

Facebook profile or page: http://facebook.com/YOURFACEBOOKCUSTOMUSERNAME

2. On your Facebook page, practice switching back and forth between Posting as your page — and Posting as YOU.  Try tagging someone while in posting as you mode. You can even tag me if we’re friends and maybe share the link to this recap. 🙂

BONUS TIP and Exercise

Try tweaking other profile options on Facebook About section. Make it so YOUR information is most prominent when visitors hover over the various links Facebook includes versus the generic blue suitcase category popups that Facebook prefers you display.

Here’s a tip: When completing your About information you do not need to fill in all the places where Facebook prompts you. You can leave fields blank. Yep! Go ahead and give it a try.

It’s filling in those fields that creates all those generic blue suitcase popups. They do serve a marketing purpose, but mainly for Facebook. It’s easy to imagine Facebook statisticians checking out how many new “self-employed” people who joined recently. Or how many florists have Facebook pages.

Fill in only those fields that serve YOUR marketing purpose.

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