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Whether you’re feeling stuck or stalled … or, like me, are just habitually curious … figuring out where to start … and sometimes how to keep going … can be a head-scratching task.

So in the interest of helping you take a great next step forward here are some suggestions:

Ready to start rocking your unique path?

PATHFINDER SPECIAL: Take action now by scheduling an introductory Jumpstart Pathfinder Private Coaching session at the ridiculously low investment of just $47. Not only do you get a 45 minute private session, the package includes a free 30 minute followup session, plus other bonuses. A $247 value. Available to new clients only. Check out the details by clicking here.

BREAKTHROUGH STRATEGY SPECIAL: Think you might be interested private coaching or one of the other programs available with Kat but not sure if it’s the right thing for you, confused how it works, or the costs involved? To schedule a Complimentary Breakthrough Strategy Session click here.
— This totally free no-strings-attached session is designed to help bring you clarity on your situation and explore some of the options available to you to get off stuck and move forward quickly.
Who qualifies for a complimentary session?
1) If you’ve never had one.
2) If it’s been longer than 1 year since you had one.
3) Are a former client interested in new program options.

• Get a free copy of my Next Step Action Kit, filled with 5 of the tools my clients find most useful for getting and keeping them motivated, energized, and off stuck. Get it by clicking here.

Coaching Services

Bridges-01 Bridges to Success is my popular signature coaching program. Offered in private 1 on 1 session packages, Bridges to Success offers a unique combination of flexibility, affordability, and diversity within a structured system that focuses on you, your life, and your business.  

The best way to learn about program options is to talk with me directly.
Click here and choose the option best fits your situation.

 NOTE: The all new Bridges to Success group program, Jumpstart Your Success Boot Camp for Home-Based Business Owners, is set to open fall of 2016. Subscribers to my mailing list get updates first and opportunities to take advantage of early-bird and other special bonuses.

Not on my rocking list? Well, fix that flat right now. Signup for it here. 

Speaking • Workshops • Seminars

JVs – I love working with joint venture and networking partners. Have an idea? Let’s have a chat. Email me. Or click here to schedule a Quick Chat with Kat.

Free Presentations: Interested in a dynamic and fresh presentation or workshop for your event, group or business? I offer a limited number of free popular mini presentations. Each presentation can be customized to your audience. Contact me for more information and scheduling.

Currently available:

• How to See Past A Road Full of Elephants

• 5 Minutes to Calm: How to Quickly & Easily Release Tension, Stress, Anger, Worry, & Frustration 

• How to Rock Your Unique Path to Success 

5 Leaps of Faith to Create the Life of Your Dreams 

• Workshops & Seminars: Looking for something more substantial full of information and motivating interactive fun for your attendees? Check out some of my stand-alone workshops and seminars here. I’d be delighted to help support you and your event. Win-Win-Win situations help everyone rock. Contact me here for details, questions and booking requests.

Want to know more about Kat?

• Read about me here and more about my background and intuitive side here.

• Learn the history behind my company name (56 Vibes Services) here.

• Check out the blog here.

• And the motivating and action-inspiring Fast Action Fridays  here.

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Kat Sturtz quote_You can't get to where you want to go by standing still

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