Oh, those self-sabotaging habits! I think we’ve all had our moments with them. On today’s Fast Action Fridays, guest Lisa Corrado discusses some of the unintentional ways we do it … and some fact action tips to take back control.

I love that Lisa warns us not to get complacent. It’s because defeating self-sabotage is not a one and done victory. From my own experience, I understand how we sometimes let self-sabotaging behavior creep back into our lives. We must remain vigilant, primed to thwart it at any moment.

Be sure to check out Lisa’s free resource. Her 36-page Goal Setting & Productivity Toolkit is full of great advice and thought-provoking worksheets.

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Our biggest roadblocks are ourselves.

Lisa Corrado

More about Lisa

Lisa Corrado is a business coach who helps entrepreneurs get out of their own way so they take consistent action that matters and get the results they want.

She has over 17 years of experience running her own businesses and knows just how much courage it takes to be an entrepreneur. Trained in the Co-Active Coaching model, she brings her vast experience and education to her clients. She’s also the co-director/co-owner of The Entrepreneurial Women’s Club, a networking organization for female business owners.

Lisa says her favorite goal achievement is a toss-up between surviving cancer, summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, and leaving a lucrative but soul-crushing corporate job in order to be happy.

Her super-power is seeing what others can’t yet see for themselves and helping clients make decisions based on that input.

She works with women on an individual basis and in a group program called Better Than Ever, where they focus on what’s needed to grow a business, especially during challenging times.

Fun and Unusual facts about Lisa:

  • Did her first Spartan obstacle course race in 2019 and swore she’d never do another. Did her second one in 2020. 🙂
  • Her career path has been long and winding, from IT to culinary to nutrition to coaching. Every stage taught her something valuable that she uses with clients today.
  • Once lived in a haunted house. Does not recommend it.

Get the Free Resource

Be sure to check out Lisa’s free resource. Her 36-page Goal Setting & Productivity Toolkit is full of great advice and thought-provoking worksheets.

Get Lisa’s free resource here.

Other ways to connect with Lisa:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LisaCorradoCoach
Website: https://lisacorrado.com/

Your Turn

Do you struggle with any self-sabotaging habits? When do they most often strike? How do you know when they are thwarting your efforts to rock your unique path?

Do you have any special tips that have helped you block sabotaging habits?

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