Shared by Amy via our mutual friend, Les.

Hello Everyone,

I hope this note finds you well :o)  I have decided to “officially” declare August 1st as Stop. Think of Love. Day.  What does this mean?

People from all walks of life know the power of positive thinking … when we have a positive outlook on life, we feel better.  For one day, each time your thoughts stray off of the path you would like, bring them back to the love that is around you, the love the is available to you, and ultimately the love that you are.  See how you feel, taking notice of the good around you and in your life!  It might just flow into August 2nd … and beyond! :o)

To read the story behind Stop. Think of Love. Day or share the love with some Stop. Think of Love. “stuff” check out one of the sites below.  If you’re on Facebook, feel free to join the page as a fan and if you feel inspired to do so, let me know how your day goes – I would love to hear from you!  Forward this to any friends you feel might benefit as well :o)

Amy Bush Bradley

The peace within becomes the harmony without.

Great idea Amy! And, let it be a reminder for us to stop and think of love everyday. If you love the new Stop. Think of Love logo, Amy has lots of t-shirts and other items featuring it for sale at www.cafepress.com/stopthinkoflove. Why not check them out.

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