Here’s a wonderful event that welcomes you to experience the Native American sweat lodge tradition. Ila Davis is located just south of Frankenmuth.

Thanks Connie for forwarding this invitation from Ila and extending the invitation to Spiritual Thumb members:

Location: 11601 Gera Rd., Birch Run, MI 48415
Click for map.

Sweat Lodge Experience   Sat. Nov. 6, sunset

Contact Ila: naturalwonder06@gmail.com       989-624-9893

Ila says:
I always say do not bring anything into the lodge that you do not wish to work with as the energy awakens talismans. I have no issues w/jewelry, but some metals can get quite active & hot. All attending may be comfortable in T-shirts/shorts. Best not to eat solid food for 4-6 hrs before sweat. Drink plenty water before hand & water is allowed inside.

No fees or charges and donations go to the lodge & land keepers.

Dry change of clothes will do wonders after the lodge.                                  Fireside Drumming Ceremony led by Boe Glasschild

Thanks Ila for the hosting such a wonderful opportunity.

Ila is also hosting a Vegetarian Potluck starting 2 hours before sunset on Saturday, Nov 13.

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