We’re diving into Kurt’s step-by-step training to make any website more profitable and easier to manage on today’s Fast Action Fridays.

Kurt has been building and marketing websites for more than 20 years. He’s worked with Fortune 500 companies and mentored Chamber of Commerce members. While there are many keys to website success, he says if you can understand the ‘Holy Trinity’ you’re doing better than most website owners and managers.

Develop a winning online strategy with the Holy Trinity of Website Success!

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Kurt Scholle discusses The Holy Trinity of Website Design with Fast Action Fridays host Kat Sturtz

Every page on a website has a job.

Kurt Scholle

More about Kurt

After a successful career in major market radio, Kurt co-founded Web Asylum, building & marketing websites for businesses in the western suburbs of Chicago. His business partner, Ron, who also had a successful career in radio, said in 1995, “The Internet is like radio was 70 years ago – it will evolve.” And it certainly did!

Kurt was the face of the business, attending chamber events and finding leads. Ron built the sites by hand. Kurt took an interest in the strategies used to build successful websites and strategy became a bigger part of his role in the company.

He would often say, there are 2 primary keys to developing a successful website: creating content that converts and driving qualified traffic to those offers.

Going back to his notion that the Internet would evolve, like radio had, proved to be true. Website content morphed from simple text on a page to graphics, audio, PDF downloads, and video.

Getting the right traffic to your website evolved too as Search Engine Optimization evolved and Google became dominant. There are now multiple paid advertising and social media options and strategies.

It soon became clear that successfully creating website content and getting qualified traffic to your offers, completely depended on understanding your Target Personas; their needs, their goals, their familiarity with the problem, and all of the options website marketers had at their disposal.

Which all lead to his advice on The Holy Trinity of Website Success.

Fun and Unusual facts about Kurt:

  • There was a time in the 1990s when you couldn’t find a computer magazine that didn’t have a full page Compuserve ad featuring me as the model. (A furniture maker.)
  • I invented “Movietime Email” for a local theater chain. Subscribers were emailed a weekly list of all showtimes for the coming week and also concession stand specials.
  • While working with Sprint on an Intranet, we created an online sales reporting application that saved money, increased accuracy, and accountability.

Get the Resources

Kurt compiled 64 different freebies that you can offer to your site’s visitors to build your email list!

Get The ESSENTIAL Guide to Lead Magnets for free here.
64 different freebies you can offer your site’s visitors to build your email list!

Other ways to connect with Kurt:

Facebook Page: Kurt Scholle
Facebook Group: Website Success Club
Twitter: @KurtScholle

Your Turn

Have you given each page of your website have a specific job to do? How well are each of those pages doing their jobs? Are they helping you grow your business? Are they helping to contribute to the bottom line? Or just taking up space on your digital footprint?

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