Strange … in an intriguing sort of way … how the direction of one’s commitment can change the dynamics of a situation.

I was working on a completely different post today — one about how hoarding things in an attempt to keep us, others or things safe — can backfire to the point where safety no longer equals safe but confined, stifled, stuck.

It was part of my commitment to completing this month’s Ultimate Blog Challenge (31 posts in 31 days). I stopped for a break and checked my email. The first one listed was notice of a new article titled “I Would Tell You My Story” posted by Jeongwon Yoon on his blog, Social Won. Won, who is now a friend, is a talented former ESL Conversational English student of mine. He lives and works in South Korea.

In his post, Won shares how one should, and can, commit to carrying out one’s duty. He talks about a main principle of Confucianism dealing with the proper order of all things within the Universe, including human society. He describes simply, with no bravado, how he chose, and continues to choose, to accept his various duty’s in life, such as son, student, soldier, writer, dreamer, engineer, employee.

I was immediately struck by the difference between Won’s commitment to succeed by constantly seeking challenges compared to a hoarder’s commitment to the allusion of safety by seeking to maintain the status quo.

[jun jun chen chen fu fu zi zi] means that a king behaves like a king, a retainer behaves like a retainer, a father behaves like a father, and a son behaves like a son. In other words, a person carries out one’s duty. For this reason, I think that I should behaves like a student since my status is a student. That way, I studied a lot and I fulfilled the role of a student.

I never gave up for the reason that major subjects are difficult. Especially, when I was the junior student, I selected all subjects as the applied major classes. I always make a plan and study my major systematically so that I could be the top in my major.

My hope is that you’ll take a few moments to pause in your busy day to read the rest of Won’s article. Click here. Or check Won out on Facebook here.

wheelchair-bike (patent pendingLearn more about the patent he’s already earned and about his newest invention, Wheel-cycle,  that’s currently entered into the Capstone Design Competition, and has been drawing a lot of a venture capital interest for its unique benefit to the disabled.

Won ends his post with this advice and offer of encouragement.

 All of my activities are not useless. I could grow up my self with my activities and I could build my portfolio. The numbers do not tell the whole story. With my portfolio, I could write down my resume and I could put my best foot forward to interviewers because I was honest about my story. University life is not short. If you have passion, you could make your time best. I expect you to do your best. or Good luck to you!

Are you committed to living life in a safety zone? Or are you more like Won committed to seeking constant challenge to improve yourself and the society in which you live? According to Confucius, when we accept responsibility and carry out our various duties as we go through life, we are helping to create and maintain harmony within the Universe.

I, for one, think harmony is worthy of commitment. Do you? Is part of the constant challenge you wish to seek?

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