Dear Friend Natalie shares this with us today: Spreading the Ashes

I once heard a saying… “Life should not be measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

I just got done watching the movie “The Bucket List” in which two men who are dying make a list of things they wish to fulfill before they pass on. They complete the list together. Their friendship grows and while they are complete opposites in their personalities each one teaches a different lesson to the other.

There were a couple of quotes from the movie I felt were very touching. The first was… “Your accomplishments are measured in how many people wish to follow in your footsteps.” The second was about Egyptians and how they viewed death. When you died you got to the gates of heaven and had to answer two questions. “Did you find joy in your life?” and “Did your life bring joy to others?”

The other thing in this movie that made me think about was how you want your remains left. They chose cremation. I think cremation is increasing in popularity again. Here are my thoughts about that:

Recycle me and let my remains scatter to the wind, each particle free to bring about new life. I do not wish to leave a coffin or Urn behind. “Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust”, put me back to the earth that I came from and love so much. That would be the ultimate “mother earth friendly” way. I will have left footprints on the hearts of those who love me. Hopefully the memories will bring them only joy.

And to my brother who likes movies that are so serious and make him cry, I say watch this movie. It is a good example of a death movie that can be lighthearted and heartfelt.

I’m with Natalie. My wish is to be cremated with my remains scattered or buried simply in a personal family plot. I want friends and family to remember the good moments we shared forever. To cry only briefly, and only because memories can be heartbreaking, as well as heartwarming. To go on with their lives knowing I’ll remain close by…just a thought and spirit’s breath away.

What are your thoughts on life and death? Please share your comments.

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