Tom GlideI’m so proud of Tom, a former writing student of mine.

It’s a delight to continue to mentor him.

His book is a dual journey of heroic proportions, heart-wrenching details, and passionate story-telling. First, in the journey Tom discovered his father and air crew buddies had experienced that was captured in detail within worn journals then hidden from the family for years.

Then, secondly, in Tom’s diligent, passionate, and years-long  journey to bring it vividly to life within the pages of a book.


Thank YOU for the insight and guidance you have given me over the years with this project. A lot of people have given me good advice and feedback, but I feel the best was your suggestion of writing it firsthand. That is what made it a great story.

Tom Glide
Author of Fortresses, an Airman’s Story of Survival
 (published spring 2012)


NOTE: Tom’s nonfiction book is a fictionalized historical story based on journals his father kept during his time as a radio operator on The Purple Heart, a B-17 bomber in World War Two, and the resulting time he spent as a German POW.

To learn more about Tom’s book, and read sample chapters:   Click here

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