Today’s Fast Action Fridays, it’s all about solving that tricky dilemma of only having 24-hours each day to fit in all that we want to do.

This week’s guest, Sherry Bowers, is a unique blend of tech and spirit. In this interview we discussed the intertwining dynamics of time, tech, and spirit, and how it led her to created a special spreadsheet unlike any other I’ve seen. It helps you look at how you’re currently spending your precious hours compared to how you’d really like to be spending them based on your personal values and goals … without neglecting the spiritual side of yourself.

We can’t find time; we can only learn to manage it more productively.

Don’t miss downloading her easy to use free resource, the Connected Spirit Time Budget Worksheet. You’ll find the link below.

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I do like being in control or feeling in control of my time.

Sherry Bowers

More about Sherry

Anyone can say they’re a unique blend of tech and spirit, but Sherry’s got some impressive credentials to back that up. She has over 25 years experience in online technology and business systems, a bachelor’s degree in Tax and Accounting. Plus, she is a Certified Angelic Life Coach (ALC) and intuitive. As a result, Sherry has the ability to talk both languages, spirit and tech.

Sherry began working with online technologies in 1995, with her first website design business focused on serving spiritual entrepreneurs. She works with conscious entrepreneurs who feel intimidated by technology, bridge the gap between their vision and the online systems they must have to grow their business.

She has the ability to simplify the tech jargon, explain the how’s and why’s in a way that is easy to understand, and helps her clients connect all the pieces so that they can bring their unique gifts to the world with confidence and ease.

Fun and Unusual facts about Sherry:

  • She almost became an underwater performing Mermaid after high school. But, she says, “The water was too cold for me so I became an avid scuba diver instead and spent a weekend in an underwater research lab in my twenties.
  • She learned how to channel her guides through automatic writing over 20 years ago and use their insights in business and personally

Get the Free Resource

Sherry’s Time Budget Worksheet is available as a free course. As she says, “One good way to remind yourself that there are only 24-hours in a day is to create a time budget. This worksheet and instructions will give you the tools you need to tame your time monster, regain work-life balance, as well as improve productivity.”

Get Sherry’s free resource here.

Other ways to connect with Sherry:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ConnectedSpirit
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/connectedspirit/
Website: https://connectedspirit.com/

Your Turn

Sherry’s Time Budget Worksheet will be of zero use to you unless you actually use it. So take care it doesn’t become just another free BSO (Bright Shiny Object) that you’re excited to get … then never actually take advantage of how it can help you.

Get it. Take time to play with it. Tweak it to best suit your life. Then use it to your advantage.

And let us know in the comments below or in the Rocking Your Path Community on Facebook what you think of it. Did it help? Confuse? Prompt you to look at how you’re spending and managing your time differently?

If you want to chat, schedule a meeting with me here. Or reach out to Sherry.

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  • I love how you describe dealing with time management ‘Taming those time monsters’ lol we’ve all had or got them they sneak into our days, weeks and months eating minutes and hours never to be seen again.

    Thank you

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